Hopefully, it's not THIS bad.
Tiger May Be Growing A Mustache
By Kickntrue on 3/9/10
I was under the impression Tiger Woods was trying to improve his image win the hearts and trust of all his fans back. Growing a mustache can't be the answer! From Steve Elling's "Up & Down" column:
Tiger Woods spent much of last week on the practice range at his home club outside Orlando. Friday, in fact, he was spotted on the range, wearing the vestiges of a new mustache and talking on his cell phone between shots.
Now- the article goes on to talk about some other interesting tidbits about Tiger's potential return in two weeks to the Tavistock Cup, but I just can't get past that sentence above.

Hide your kids!

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JDoughMO says:
This is part of the punishment from Elin. She will allow him to shave the mustache off only after she has forgiven him for his transgressions. However, if the mustache turns out to be "Pavin-stache" awesome it could be the latest unfortunate rage amongst weekend warriors on courses across the world.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
Mustache March!!!!!!!!
Jrobles says:
flavor savor
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