See honey?! I HAVE to play...
We need this in the USA!
By Kickntrue on 10/19/06
Do you tell your spouse that you HAVE to go play golf because it's a good skill for business? So have I, and I've seen her looks. Show her this article!

Xiamen University in China is now making golf a mandatory class for students in management, law, economics and software engineering courses. The university is looking to produce "socially elite" students and future employees.

Not everyone is happy though. We call those people "hacks".

Check out the whole article Here.

Must Play Golf.

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klangdon says:
Does this mean that in a few more years the Ryder Cup will be Europe vs China?
klangdon says:
The fact that the word "hacks" links to my golf profile has not gone unnoticed. I would like to point out that the politically correct term for my level of play is "developing player".
Kickntrue says:
Yeah... Sorry about that. I'm just really bad with HTML :(
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