Acushnet Sells Cobra To Puma
By Kickntrue on 3/10/10
Here's an interesting golf industry tidbit for today- Acushnet, owners of Titleist and Footjoy have sold the Cobra brand to Puma. Says Acushnet,
“With the sale of Cobra, we have the opportunity to devote all of our resources to the global growth of our industry-leading Titleist and FootJoy brands,” said Wally Uihlein, Chairman and CEO of Acushnet Company. “At the same time, Cobra is a strong brand with a heritage of innovation, and we wish the quality associates guiding the brand future success.
Interesting press release to read, just 1 day after reading a press release from Acushnet bragging about their man, Camilo Villegas winning over the weekend.

I think this has to be a good thing for the Cobra brand and Puma, especially if they can hold on to the talent associated with the brand, especially Camilo. I also think it will be interesting to see what happens with Puma's number 1 man, Rickie Fowler. He wears Puma gear head to toe, but also plays with Titleist gear. I wonder if there will be any pressure or movement to see him move to the Cobra brand. Villegas and Fowler would make a pretty formidable young, sexy, marketing look for both brands. I think most people saw Cobra as the 2nd brand of Acushnet, often forgetting in the mix, so getting their own team behind them will have to be a good thing. I guess we'll find out how much R & D talent they had in the Cobra stable and how much was borrowed from Titleist.

As a complete side note... what would win (in nature), a puma or a cobra? I'd like to think a cat could kick a snake's butt, but I guess one quick strike is all it takes. Any zoologists in the house?!

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It's not a Puma, but thanks to our awesome readers- I think we can assume the cat wins.

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bducharm says:
WOW! This is huge. It will be interesting to see how Puma does as a club company versus just a funky clothes and shoes company. I guess I can't call myself a total Titleist-honk now with Cobra hybrids in the bag!!!
cheymike says:
I don't know how well a puma would do, but I have seen house (farm) cats routinely kill rattlesnakes. If you live in the country and have cats around, you won't have snake problems! I'd imagine a puma (a very fast cat) would make short work of a cobra (a very slow striking snake in comparison). Now, all that being said, some zoologist will chime in and tell me how full of it I am. LOL!
And on the golf side... I'm glad to see someone take the Cobra brand. I think Cobra has been putting out some very good equipment lately, but as you pointed out many people have looked at them as the "stepchild" of Accushnet's golf industry. Hopefully Puma can raise their image to where it needs to be to stay competitive with the big guns. A Villegas/Fowler stable will definitely be popular as they grow in their games.
mjaber says:
Villegas plays both Cobra and Titleist clubs... I wonder if his contract goes with Cobra, or stays with Titleist.
Jattruia says:
I love this. Can't wait to see what Puma does with their first productions.
mmontisano says:
this is the best golf related news i've heard in a LONG time and think it's a perfect fit for these 2 to come together.

the only thing i'm worried about is Puma tossing out the Cobra name. Cobra has a long history in the club game and they would be wise to keep it for its name recognition.

i'm thinking they'll have Cobra on their "players" irons while Puma goes on their "game-improvement" stuff.
joepro23 says:
Cool stuff...those Puma golf shoes look awesome btw with that color scheme.
joepro23 says:
Actually, I don't think those are golf shoes now that I look at them closer.
PGA Tour Driven says:
Cat VS snake Fight go watch
Panerai111 says:
Would anyone buy "PUMA" irons?
Kickntrue says:
@panerai111- if they were made by the same R&D team as Cobra. 20 years ago, would you have bought Nike golf clubs?
mmontisano says:
@ Panerai111 - yes.
Shankapotamus says:
Geoff Ogilvy switched from Cobra to Titleist and from PUMA to Footjoy last year. I wonder if he saw the writing on the wall.

Ian Poulter is another good Cobra player. I'm sure Puma will want to outfit him their clothes/shoes but he has his own line.
bducharm says:
NO WAY Poulter switches clothing lines - he wears his own (IJP). Also, I spoke with a friend of mine who is a Titleist rep here - he is VERY excited about this move!!! We'll see how it progresses.
Matt F says:
@Shankapotamus - I don't think it was a matter of seeing the writing on the wall. I think it was that Geoff has played consistantly well for the last year or so and Acushnet brought him into their #1 stable.
falcon50driver says:
Is it just me, or does Ricky Fowler look goofy wearing a hat 3 sizes too big. Doesn't seem to hurt his game any.
k-von says:
With Cobra's R&D team, Fowler and Villegas on the payroll, I think Puma's going to successfully follow in Adidas'/TM footsteps with the moves they're making. If I had a single penny to spare I'd consider buying Puma's stock before Fowler inherits EA's golf franchise in due time.
Banker85 says:
I doubt they would start selling PUMA golf clubs, Cobra is an established name in golf (i guess) i would be pissed if i had cobra's dont know why but knowing they are in the same family as titleist made them seem better. to me atleaset...
manny.101 says:
I had a feeling something like this would eventually happen. Cobra Golf hasn't been a strong brand under the Acushnet name when it came to their high end product due to the market being flooded with Titleist product. I believe Puma may provide the Cobra brand something new and perhaps expand itself into the golf market just as Nike has over the years. I think it won't be too long til we see Puma on the head of a driver or irons.

Whether or not Camilo stays with with Titleist is I guess up to what he signed on for in his contract being the user of both Cobra and Titleist, though I would hope he continue with the Cobra brand so that it shows golfer around the world that Cobra Golf may still produce top quality product.
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