Tournaments Are "Tiger Ready"
By Kickntrue on 3/10/10
With the news that Tiger is out practicing again, tournaments are preparing for the return of Tiger, even if he's never played in the events before.
the PGA Tour began checking with tournaments to make sure they were prepared to handle the hype over the world's No. 1 player getting back to golf.

That even includes tournaments he has never played.

"Historically, he hasn't played the week before the Masters," said Steve Timms, tournament director of the Houston Open, which is the week before the Masters. "But these are unusual times. We're prepared from a security and media standpoint. We've been watching the media closely, and we've had some weird ones."
"These are unusual times." I love that quote- like we're dealing with the apocalypse or something. I read somewhere yesterday that the Tavistock Cup, the private event many are speculating Tiger will play in at his home club has had over 300 media requests for credentials.

I think Tiger should wait until Augusta, since they've indicated he wouldn't need to give them a headsup on the Friday before like every other event. I'd love to see him just walk up to the tee on Thursday of the Masters and start kicking butt.

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photo source - Keith Allison

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