If Phil Wins At Augusta- You Win!
By Kickntrue on 3/12/10
Golfsmith and Callaway are at it again, this time pulling out their biggest gun, Phil Mickelson. In the past, the contest has basically been that if a certain person wins a major- you get a free club. This time the small print is ... smaller.

Here's what you need to know.

1) If you buy any new Diablo Edge, FT Tour or FT-iZ driver at a Golfsmith retail store before April 7th, and if Phil wins at Augusta, your driver is FREE! As in the past- this is actually a no purchase necessary contest, so you don't really have to buy the driver a head of time, but it is IN STORE ONLY which is a bit of a deviation from the previous contests that let you enter with a mailer.

2) There will be a grand prize winner selected to take two additional friends along to play a round of golf with Mickelson. This is going to happen- doesn't matter if he wins at Augusta or not. You can sign up online and there is no charge. The "catch" is that you and your guests must have a CURRENT, VERIFIABLE USGA HANDICAP INDEX OF 24 OR LOWER. I guess oob's not going to cut it for you. :(

I don't live within 1k miles of a GolfSmith store- but I'm sure some of you do- so go out and sign yourself up to win a driver if Mickelson wins!

Full Details, Rules, ETC.

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mschad says:
Can't do the free driver contest, but sure would be nice to win the round of golf!! That would definately be something to remember.
Mandelbaum! says:
Sweet. Sign me up! Any plans on working with the USGA to make oob handicaps compliant? I'm guessing there would be a fee. Ironic, BadCaddy and I were just talking about this y'day.
HeadMan says:
A handicap of 24 or lower? WTF! That's discrimatory to us hackers. There isn't a bigger PHIL fan than me, but this really blows!
twomore2mr says:
I agree...what's the damn deal with a 32 Handicap?!?! I wanna go play with big Phil out here in San Diego...c'mon Phil, have them change the rules!
Torleif Sorenson says:
If Phil loaned these 25+ h'cappers his square-groove wedges, perhaps they could GET down to a 24 or less. OTOH, time (even on the course) is money, and Mickelson's time is valuable. I guess they need to draw a line *someplace*...
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