Credit Card Roulette- Play It This Weekend!
The Definition Of Unlucky
By Kickntrue on 3/12/10
I thought I had an unlucky go of it earlier this week, but the "star" of this story has it worse, for sure. First- my story, for comparison (and a good laugh). I've been trying for about 10 years (since I learned about it in college) to get a group to play credit card roulette with me after a night out. For those who don't know- credit card roulette is played by having every member of a party submit their credit card to be randomly picked by the waiter or waitress, and whoever has their card picked picks up the tab. It's a great way to get a free meal and adds a little excitement to the bill paying experience. Well- I'll save you the suspense as it's pretty obvious at this point... six of us in, so I had an 83% chance of getting a free meal at a pretty nice Italian restaurant. Instead- after convincing the whole table to play, I took home the $150 bill. Ouch.

Still- nothing in comparison to this Australian a couple weeks ago.
In what can only be described as a freak incident, a 38 year old woman has received fractures to her skull when she was hit in the head by a golf ball.

Two weeks ago the mother of two was a passenger in the front seat of a taxi, on her way home from a birthday party in Melbourne. At about 2am on February 28, as they drove past the Sanctuary Golf Course, a golf ball came flying through the open front window of the taxi, striking Natasha Cossell in the head.

She required surgery to remove the bone fragments from her skull, and has been recovering in hospital for the past two weeks.
So- 2am, first of all. Just not what you'd expect, but then through an open window of a cab driving by. WOW! From the rest of the article it seems they think someone threw the ball versus hitting it- which probably makes things less bad luck, a more criminal, but still- a pretty sucky night.

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PingRhoda says:
wow...There is a course here in Little Rock, AR right off of a busy road. When I mean right off, I mean, If you slice the ball to the right, you're hitting into traffic...Not the best design by any means
TWUES17 says:
Man, I wish I still lived in Lewisburg. $150 for 6 is nice. I think I've racked up bigger bills at Skip's (only Lburgers will get that reference).
Bryan K says:
You know...even if it was criminal....that's still some pretty bad luck. I throw a golf ball through the open window of a taxi moving fast enough so that an occupant would end up with a fractured skull upon impact....ouch.

@PingRhoda: speaking of Little Rock...I almost played in Little Rock over the winter. The only reason I didn't is because your weather forecast changed at the last second to include some rain, so I ended up in Tulsa, OK instead. Which course is the one you're talking about?
Kurt the Knife says:
man, the balls i send into the houses....if i don't kill someone...

miracle, baby
Kurt the Knife says:
I just listen fro the reassuring "THUMP" of the asphalt shingle..
no the sickening "SPLORT" of a skull.

maybe thats just me
PingRhoda says:
@bjohn13 - that would be War Memorial.
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