Not bad... but not a #1 seed.
Poor Natalie Gulbis
By Kickntrue on 3/16/10
I know I rip on Natalie sometimes- but she doesn't deserve this...

This time of year (March Madness) you see a lot of "culture brackets" pop up- featuring anything from "best food" to "hottest women." This story (naturally) comes from the latter. Esquire is doing a bracket to find the sexiest woman alive- and Natalie was a number 1 seed. As a joke- they matched her up against former Tennessee and current USC football coach Lane Kiffin. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Kiffin (who qualified because he whines like a woman) is currently winning the poll by a margin of about 70% to 30%. It's not looking good for Gulbis unless she makes a late stage comeback. Kiffin could just be winning because of his wife. She is hot enough to project enough sexiness on her husband to beat about anyone (seriously- Google "Layla Kiffin").

Of course- this was setting Natalie up for disaster- but the real mistake was making her a number 1 seed. If they had used an ACTUAL number 1 seed-type attractive lady here- this would've never happened. I'm officially calling whoever made the seeds crazy (though this is Esquire we're talking about so...). Anne Hathaway vs Rachel McAdams in a 8/9 matchup is just ridiculous. I'd take either of them IN 10 YEARS SIGHT UNSEEN over Gulbis.

Just saying.

Anyway- if you want to right the ship, or pile on- feel free. You can vote for this matchup and any other with the link!


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Kurt the Knife says:

don't care
sierra164 says:
If she filled out a little and grew some hips, she would be much more attractive. I don't dig the knock-kneed look. Sorry, Natalie.
Kickntrue says:
natalie's making a comeback!
whomsley says:
as of 3:26PM EST she has 45% and he 55%.
Swingem says:
@sierra164; So your saying that you prefer Lane Kiffin? :)
falcon50driver says:
That picture makes it look like her upper plate could use some Sea Bond dental adhesive.
sierra164 says:
She has some odd angles on her, that's for sure. And Swingem is still gay.
robbie.dejarnette says:
Have you ever seen her in person at a tourney? I had the chance to escort her throughout last year's Kia Classic (and hoping to again this year!) and she's HOT!!! I don't know what it is about the camera making her look all "knock-kneed" or "odd-angled" but up close and personal, she is extremely good looking!
DougE says:
Paula Creamer's my fav girl, but I certainly wouldn't say no to Nat.
sierra164 says:
Morgan Pressel > Natalie Gulbis
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