oober In Top 10 For US Open Challenge
By Kickntrue on 3/16/10
So- we've been receiving updates form an oobgolfer who is in the final 10 to win the Golf Digest US Open Challenge. We NEED to get him in! If you're unfamiliar with the contest- it's like this... 1 winner gets to play the US Open course from the tips, with the US Open setup along with 3 celebrities. Oh- and it's filmed in High-Def and shown on NBC before the final round. It's basically the dreamiest dream any amateur golfer could ever imagine.

Golf Digest received over 30k entries and they are down to 10. One of them is an oober, Matt Brower, from Austin, Texas. He is featured on a video posted on GolfDigest.com with the rest of the finalists. He is at the 2:10 mark, the one who says he would practice every day, and his wife would hate him for it- and then begs for Golf Digest to ruin his life! Sounds like an oober to me!

So- I guess they cut the 10 down to 5, and then we, the American public gets to select a winner. Listen- If Matt gets to the final 5- and it comes down to a vote... we've got to get him in. If not- we've failed! I'm just saying that right now...

I'm sure Matt will keep us up to date... and let's all say our prayers tonight- that he gets in. If it can't be us- it may as well be someone we can private message!

Watch The Video

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bducharm says:
AWESOME - well, except that it's not me!!! Matt, I am in Austin as well, a 0 handicap. I am offering you any help you might need!!! I also will caddy for you if needed!!! Let me know!!!
Mattlite says:
@bducharm, where do you play and can you teach me how to chip? I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance to OOBGolf, I love this website. We will know the final five by March 31st, keeping my fingers crossed!
jbrower86 says:
"That dude's my brother!" -- La Bamba

Seriously though, he is. Vote for him. He has little else going for him.
ripdaddy50 says:
He needs our vote. His whole life is a bogey.
tammibesch says:
This is our son-in-law. Vote for him. His wife deserves a vacation! lol
Seriously, this would be a wonderful experience for Matt. He deserves to win!
Shankapotamus says:
Nice!! It's awesome to see an oober in the running. I'll be sure to give him my vote if he makes it.

His game looks similar to mine (except that he gets to play once a week down in TX while I'm freezing my ace off here in MO) so I would be very interested to see how he would do.
activesense says:
Good luck, Matt. And don't forget to mention Oobgolf at least a dozen times.
lcgolfer64 says:
Definitely got my vote if it comes down to it!! Good Luck Matt - Oob us Proud!
Panerai111 says:
Awesome! Good luck Matt!
mjaber says:
Quick... Somebody get Matt an Oob Golf Bag.

good luck... You've got my vote if you make the top 5
cindyhewer says:
Good Luck Matt..You got my vote...I know Rachel wants you to win so do we.
Cindy Hewer
bducharm says:
@Mattlie - ABSOLUTELY I can help you chip. I had been a member at River Place but I live in Cedar Park - drop me an email and we can get together and work on your short game.
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