The Masters Is Coming In 3-D (To Some Of You)
By Kickntrue on 3/17/10
If the stars align perfectly for you (technology, provider, location, money) you could get to see The Masters in 3D.
Early adapters with 3-D televisions, the 3-D eyeglasses that come with the TVs, and a Comcast digital cable subscription will be able to experience the Masters golf tournament in 3-D, officials at Comcast Corp. said.


Multiple 3-D cameras will be strategically deployed around the course for the event, the golf club said, and two hours of 3-D coverage will be available each day beginning Wednesday April 7 and continuing through Sunday, April 11, the golf club said in a press release.
I'm not going to be there for a long time- because while I love technology- I don't really like to be an early adopter, but I really do think this iteration of 3D is real. Anyone who say Avatar has to believe that done correctly 3D is not just a gimmick. I think the first wave of this needs to be movie theater viewing of sporting events in 3D. I'd pay for that experience for the World Cup or NFL Sundays. For now though- I can't see shelling out 4k for a tv and a couple hundred bucks for a pair of high tech glasses (along with a special set top box, and only 1 out of ever 500 programs using the technology).

I hope the 7 of you really enjoy it!

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dave0498 says:
Hi-Def is amazing. I'm happy with that. I'll watch my 3d in the movie theater.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'd settle for a neighbor with an HDTV -- and some pizza. 3D? Someday...
TeT says:
Can I get it through my rabbit ears? really seriously, can I...
Kickntrue says:
I think it said you need a special set top box... interesting question though. otherwise- rabbit ears is best way to do HDTV if you are fortunate enough to live close enough to plenty of signals. best HD signal you can receive.
white_rabbitt says:
@dave0498: Hi-Def IS amazing but that's what people were saying about HD when it first came out. "I'll watch HD in the theaters" I'm looking forward to 3D movies and gaming in the home! Think about Tiger Woods golf (or any other golf video game) in 3D!
@Tet: yes, you just need special rabbit ears that have 4 "ears", are as big as your car, and cost $2000!
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