A Great Time For Anal Glaucoma
By Kickntrue on 3/18/10
You guys will have to forgive me. I just came down with a major case of anal glaucoma... I just can't see by butt working the next two days.

As a sports fan, today and tomorrow are two the sweetest of the entire year. Of course I'm talking about the chance to stay home from work and watch the first two rounds of ... The Transitions Championship at Innisbrook Resort. Padraig Harrington, after spending St. Patrick's Day with President Obama is ready to play some golf and battle other top players like Brandt Snedeker, Retief Goosen and Steve Stricker.

Umm... yah. I promise I'll be watching intently.

In case you have other things in mind- I'll provide a couple other links below. Estimates are that $1.8 BILLION dollars are lost by US employers over the next two days from inefficiency during the NCAA Tournament. Interestingly, one business (besides Vegas) has its best week during mid-march, Doctors in the business of the vasectomy. More men get a vasectomy this week- in large part to a genius marketing campaign by the doctors. Get snipped on Tuesday or Wednesday and you have a 100% legit excuse to miss the rest of the work, where the only thing you can do is sit on a donut in front of the tv while your wife brings you soup beer.

Just when I think ingenuity and progress have come to a standstill in America, someone comes up with something like that- and we TOTALLY REDEEM OURSELVES!


March Madness On Demand - Live Games On Your Computer
Transitions 1st Rounds TeeTimes

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Virtuaframax says:
That's crazy and extremely smart! whoever started advertising having a vasectomy during March madness is a genious! i mean, if you have to do it, do it when you can get something out of that!
Kurt the Knife says:
"see by butt"

mjaber says:
I heard in the radio yesterday morning that there are more vasectomies performed in the days prior to the start of the the tournament than at any other time.
mjaber says:
@Kurt... it's sorta like talkin' out your arse.
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