John Daly Texts Revealed
By Kickntrue on 3/19/10
I would never link to the "Tiger texts" that were released by his alleged porn star mistress yesterday, but these made up John Daly texts are too funny not to. If you haven't seen the Tiger texts (you're lucky) you may loose some of the humor in the format- but I think you'll still chuckle. Here are a few of my favorites. Click the link to see the whole list.
Big John:Sent: 06:36 PM 07/31/2009:
Awesome baby. I don’t mind when you fart either. Be Safe. If you see my pants, let me know.

Big John:Sent: 03:13 AM 08/01/2009:
Thank you sexy. Found my pants. Forgot — cleaned up the wing sauce with them.

Big John:Sent: 06:34 AM 08/06/2009:
In ohio playing. Know any good bars here?

Big John:Sent: 05:54 AM 08/09/2009:
I told you im playing these two weeks

Big John:Sent: 06:50 PM 08/09/2009:
In about a month. That’s why it’s called the “Jelly of the Month”.
These are not as racy as Tiger's, but there is still some language and sexual stuff- so read at your own risk.

Daly Texts

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sierra164 says:
Wait, what?
mantajim says:
I applaud you for taking the high road and not posting the link to the Tiger texts. But, then you stepped in the sh%t by posting this cr#p.
You will look and smell better sticking to the high road.
If Tiger dosen't deserve it neither does Daly.
Hey, Daly just birdied three of the last four holes at Transitions, at least he's playing.
jbird2011 says:
Jim has a wonderful sense of humor
morgans says:
Should probably put the warning about language and "sexual stuff" before where you actually put the texts
Da chrisman says:
Get over yourself, mantajim, they're made up...
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