The Better Tiger Interview
By Kickntrue on 3/22/10
ESPN's interview had a bigger audience- but Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman interviewed Woods, and she was a lot tougher, than ESPN. Interesting for a couple reasons, but probably most notably because of the Tilghman/Woods mess a couple years ago. Here are a couple highlights from the transcript.
KT: You went from becoming recognized as the greatest golfer in the world to becoming a punch line. How did that make you feel?

TW: It was hurtful, but then again you know what, I did it. I’m the one who did those things and looking back on it now with a more clear head, I get it. I can understand why people will say these things because you know what, it was disgusting behavior. As a person, it’s hard to believe that was me, looking back on it now.


KT: If your father were here today and looked back on these last four months, what would he say to you?

TW: He’d be very disappointed in me. We’d have numerous long talks. That’s one of the things I miss, I miss his guidance, wish I could have had his guidance through all this to have him help straighten me up. I know he would’ve done it.

KT: What do you think he would say?

TW: Can’t say it on air but he would’ve been very direct. Basically said, you need to get your life headed in the right direction again.
The video on Golf Channel's site isn't working right now- so I'll link you to the transcript. I think Kelly's female touch made this work a bit. It's still not unbelievably revealing, but she did get more out of Tiger than Tom Rinaldi at ESPN including an interesting personal note about Tiger now wearing a Buddhist bracelet, which he says he will wear while playing.

Full Interview

photo source - Keith Allison

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TWUES17 says:
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2010 Masters Champion.
mmontisano says:
it looks like the same bracelet he wore when he first started playing. he had it on during the Tiger Slam era. i think after that, he started believing in all the hyper and was the beginning of his downward spiral. it's good to see him get back to his roots, as he mentioned.
scottyd says:
Tiger is back and looks like he is ready to sit upon his golf throne!
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