Transitions Optical Not Happy With Golf Channel
By Kickntrue on 3/22/10
Hey- believe it or not Jim Furyk won a PGA Tour event yesterday. As he was putting out on his 72nd hole (after almost choking it away) Golf Channel, one of the PGA Tour's biggest endorsers was airing their Tiger Woods interview. The sponsor of the Tour event, Transitions Optical isn't real happy- and they shouldn't be.

Of course- it was a bit of a tough situation because they shouldn't have still been playing golf at 7:30pm, but because of some weather delays they were. Should Golf Channel have waited to air the Woods interview? I dunno if I have an answer to that. Keep a sponsor happy or run the biggest exclusive interview you've ever landed...? Ugg.
"I would say that given our partnership with the Golf Channel, we are a little bit disappointed that they chose to air that story at the conclusion of a very exciting tournament," said David Cole, managing director for Transitions. "We invest a lot of money in the Transitions Championship as a title sponsor."


NBC-TV had broadcast rights to the tournament and did not interrupt coverage nor did it reference Woods.
Actually, I do know how I feel about this. Golf Channel did the right thing. They claim to be a news organization (that may be debatable) and the Tiger interview was the bigger news story.

Oh- and as far as the event went. Between the Tiger interview and the NCAA Tournament wrapping up- maybe not many people saw it, but what an adventure for Jim Furyk on the 72nd hole! There is an awesome photo of his shank on 18- here. He hit two very amateur shots- and then composed himself enough to lock up his first win in almost 3 years.

Jim Furyk's from Pennsylvania, which means him winning is like me winning. Go PA!

Transitions Not Happy With Golf Channel
Furyk Wins!

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Mr_X says:
Tiger Woods is NOT news. I don't know anyone who really cares about this story any more. Please, give this a rest!
Ed Men says:
Congrats to Mr Furyk!! You da Man!
Kurt the Knife says:
Furyk's swing akin to an octopus falling out of a tree.

still bettern' me
hokie003 says:
They wouldn't show the story if nobody cared. Just because Mr_X doesn't want to hear it doesn't mean they don't get ratings any time they mention the word Tiger. Obviously you cared enough to read this story and post a reply at the bottom, the Golf Channel is going where the money is.
birdieXris says:
True, the golf channel is a news organization (again, if you choose to believe that), but i think staying with the championship would have been a better move then airing the interview after the round was over. you have to be true to the game, not just one person. afterall, it WAS an EXCLUSIVE interview. It's not like they would've had a race to air the interview. How long is that interview anyway? like 3 minutes?? really... you can wait for that.
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- just so you know- Golf Channel didn't pull away from coverage to air the interview. the golf was on NBC. Transitions is still upset because they think Golf Channel should have waited- but they didn't "turn off golf"
mjaber says:
I liked Furyk's take on the whole thing.

"You know what, tomorrow the paper is going to read that I won the golf tournament, and I don't really care if it's a three-page spread or a little blurb in the corner of the paper because the article is about [Woods]," he said. "I won the damn thing and it really doesn't matter to me. I've never been someone that's craved the notoriety or the limelight. I can live with it and I'm fine with it."

quote taken from
Jackelman says:
Its about time jim.
wrhall02 says:
Total lack of respect towards Furyk and the Tournament sponsor. The Tiger story is dead and could have been aired anytime...

PGA is all about cash, and Tiger worship, not the game of golf. Furyk made a great sandy save on 17, then left his birdie putt a fraction short, it was a great finish.
Banker85 says:
as long as NBC aired the full tournament what is the big deal.
mbills1015 says:
@banker85 --- thank you, this should not be a big deal. Its seems like a sponsor who's tournament had low ratings needed someone else to blame so they decided to throw golf channel under the bus. 2 totally different channels can air different programs whenever they want. maybe fox, nbc, abc, and cbs can all get together and plan there TV programming around which shows I want to watch --- that way I won't have to decide which programs to choose between.
mantajim says:
I beleive the 'golf' would have been served better had the Golf channel just waited 15 more minutes and I suspect Tiger would not have wanted his interview to take anything away from anyones win. He's got a plate full of controversy already.
activesense says:
Tansitions Optical Not Happy With OobGolf for the typo in their headline.
edditude says:
Golf Channel had to make sure they weren't upstaged by ESPN. And Tiger loves to upstage every1 no matter who they are. He thinks this game is all about him.
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