Arnie Is A Club Hoard(er)
By Kickntrue on 3/23/10
Arnold Palmer has over 10k golf clubs and 2k putters. That's nuts!
"Why does anyone save things?" says Doc Giffin, Palmer's longtime assistant. "There's no solid reason."

Palmer, 80, might trace his pack-rat habits to his youth. He was born at the beginning of the Great Depression, and money was tight throughout the early years. Something of value was something to be kept. It could become a milestone in a life.

"I always believe if you had a perfect golf club, you should be able to hit a perfect shot," Palmer says. "If you make a club that's pleasing to look at, then you've made a club that's easier to hit."

Has he found the perfect club?

"No," he says, "but I'm still trying to find it."
Let's be honest- if we had the space and access, which one of us wouldn't collect clubs? My wife guessed the other day that I had at least 200 in our garage. I don't think I have more than 100, but either way, I have a long way to go to catch Arnie.

This is a bit off topic- but I was thinking about how big a number 10k was- and the kind of space and time that would consume. Then- I thought about another sports star- Wilt Chamberlain and that he claimed to have "relations" with over 10k women WHILE HE WAS PLAYING. Think about the time and space that would take up!

Anyway- I don't mean to put a dirty twist on Palmer's club collection. I'm sure he's loved each one with the time and passion they deserved. I'm just jealous... and very impressed.

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bducharm says:
How cool would it be to go through his garage to see all the old clubs??? That would be awesome!!!
Kickntrue says:
@bducharm- I'm sure he could sell tickets to the experience... as if he needs the dough.
SingleDigits says:
He probably has a bunch of those legal (now illegal) Ping wedges!
bducharm says:
@singledigits - nah, he is a Callaway guy!!! And ALWAYS honest!!! :-)
Zepo1a says:
I've met him several times. I used to work for a huckster in Monessen, PA. who knew him and he would have me deliver a box of grapefruits or oranges to Arnie at his Latrobe office. He was always very gracious and seemed like a nice man. He always came out to see me, shook my hand, say thank you etc... This was way before my golfing days so I guess I wasn't as star struck as I should have been. :)
mjaber says:
I wonder if there will be an Arnold Palmer museum someday, displaying his entire collection of clubs, trophies, etc.
KVSmith59 says:
why do you have 200 clubs in your garage?????? That's hoarding too :)
Kickntrue says:
@kvsmith59- Yes I am. You don't think I give them ALL away to you guys, do you?!

/actually... I pretty much do. I don't keep anything anymore. It makes me sad.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@kickntrue: More wheat, less chaff. Keep what you really use; the rest is just extra baggage.

OTOH, as God is my witness, I *do* dream of some really nice forged blades... ...and a fretless Modulus Quantum Q6...
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