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Wie's Got A New Ride
By Kickntrue on 3/24/10
Tiger had Buick. Michelle Wie has Kia. ... Let's just go with it.
Michelle Wie might have the coolest car on Stanford's campus. Her ride definitely is unique.

Wie drives a customized, black Kia Soul in a limited-edition Shadow Dragon model. The box-like car, created under the vision of a wild boar with a backpack, has black rims and gray, dragon-like sketches on the hatchback and hood. The interior is tricked out with red-and-gray seats (akin to the college's Cardinal color) and all the latest technology.

She can fit four of her friends and golf clubs inside.

Her friends can afford the car, too, with a base price at just under $14,000.
Well... I'm not sure Wie's car is the coolest on campus. Maybe at a community college, but not at Stanford. Still - I'll give her credit for riding in it- and how she came about getting it.
Wie golfed with Kia Motors president and chief executive officer Byung Mo Ahn during a pro-am at the then-J Golf Phoenix LPGA International about a year ago.

Wie saw a Soul concept car on the course and mentioned to Ahn that she thought it was cool. Ahn was so enamored with Wie he had company officials look into signing her.
So Kia signs Wie- and then signs on to sponsor an LPGA event while they're at it. And that my friends... is why Michelle Wie is relevant and how someone like her is so important to the success or failure of the LPGA. Don't kid yourself- that doesn't happen after golfing a round at a pro-am with Anna Rawson, no matter how "enamored" the CEO may have been.

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mjaber says:
I wonder if they'll do a special "golf" edition Rio, and call it the "Wie"-o
lcgolfer64 says:
Mjaber - thats what the long nortern winters will do to a guy...
Playing this weekend though and the ranges are open here! My course opens in 6 days!
birdieXris says:
Way to go Wie!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Good for Michelle.

You can tell that Jill Painter of the Daily News doesn't play; she used "golf" as a past-tense verb instead of a noun. Minus 500 points to you, Jill; your AP Stylebook will only get you so far...
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