Jennifer Aniston Plays Golf (Allegedly)
By Kickntrue on 3/24/10
Apparently today is Gossip Wednesday. Since no real news (non-Tiger related which you guys have been clear about being done with) is happening- I'm left to post this garbage. On the plus side- we get a picture of Jennifer Aniston to look at.
Gerard Butler's mother is going to take on Jennifer Aniston at golf.

'The Bounty Hunter' star Gerard - who is rumoured to be romantically linked with his co-star - said his mother got on so well with Jennifer at the premiere of their latest film, she challenged her to a golfing match.

Gerard - whose home country, Scotland is famed for its golf courses - said: "At the premiere, my mum just couldn't wait to meet Jen. They got on so well that they want to do everything together now. My mom is a golfer and so is Jen and they're going to play together.
There you have it. Jen may or may not be dating Gerard Butler, but either way she gets a long great with his mom so she's playing golf with her in Scotland.

I guess since we're here- we could have a healthy debate over Jennifer Aniston. She's pretty polarizing in how guys take her. Some think she's a sexy goddess while others think she's a dog. I honestly don't know how you could think on looks alone that she's ugly- though I guess a lot of the criticism is from her personality, not just looks. My question is- who are all these lucky bastards who know Jennifer Aniston personally?!

... And to think I could have just posted the Tiger Woods sext messages.

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Banker85 says:
she is hot! smack in the face to a guy who disagrees!
lcgolfer64 says:
I'm not quite on the 'dog' side with her [Banker85 - Smack] but she hasn't ever done it for me, personally, no pun intended, okay, maybe so... just not my type is all. Maybe it was the 'Friends' character. Now Courteney Cox, whole different story! She has gotten better with age, golf or not!
Shankapotamus says:
I'd play around with her. Oops, meant to say play a round with her. ;)
Duke of Hazards says:
agree... Courtney Cox ftw! Aniston's a decent consolation prize, though.
Kickntrue says:
@crazies... Cox over Aniston? Really? I agree she's aged well... but Aniston is way hotter.
KVSmith59 says:
Aniston for sure
Clint24 says:
Yahoo! had some pictures of Anniston when she was 15 or so and wow....
activesense says:
Aniston?? No way. David Schwimmer is higher on the "Friends" list than Jen. I'll take my smack now, Banker85.
Panerai111 says:
Aniston is like a fine wine.
Jattruia says:
Aniston gets hotter by the day.
falcon50driver says:
Wow, this is a golf site? I guess it figures though. Get a few pilots at a party with a lot of women and they'll be standing together talking about airplanes. Get a couple of pilots in the cockpit of an airplane and all they talk about is women.
Banker85 says:
smack, smack! courtney cox is a freak! nasty and her show cougar town is one of the worst, i smell a cancellation...
DougE says:
Any ONE of the Friends threesome is fine with me....or better yet, all of them. That would make a perfect foursome and after all, this is a golf site. ;-)
lcgolfer64 says:
Great call of the day! Way to keep it golf-oriented, haha
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