I Want To Work For The TW Foundation
By Kickntrue on 3/24/10
I have two tidbits via Geoff Shackelford's great blog on Tiger that are both pretty juicy- and a nice break from the "other" Tiger crap.

First- there are rumors that Steve Williams could be out as Tiger's looper.
A high-profile golfer has been laying bets that Williams would be axed and replaced with Billy Foster, a well-respected Englishman who caddies for Lee Westwood.

Foster, who said last week that he knew nothing of any such plan, filled in for Williams at the 2005 Presidents Cup so Williams could be with his wife, Kirsty, as she gave birth to their first son.
This is all speculation. Williams says he's going to be on the bag for The Masters in a couple weeks. He has denied pretty vehemently that he knew anything about Tiger's transgressions.

Now- a far juicier story in my opinion. It seems like even 5 months ago- a story like this would never even come out, but now people are just gunning for Tiger. Basically- people did some digging around in the financial of the Tiger Woods Foundation and found that some certain people are being paid a pretty penny for what doesn't seem to be a whole lot of work.
The $503,138 compensation paid McLaughlin has also come under scrutiny by watchdogs. McLaughlin, a lawyer by trade, befriended Woods in 1992 when he gave the then-16-year-old golfer an exemption into his first PGA Tour event, the then-Nissan Los Angeles Open. At the time, McLaughlin was the tournament director in Los Angeles.

According to IRS records filed in September 2008, McLaughlin received an annual salary of $398,456 based on a 40-hour work week by the Tiger Woods Charitable Event Corporation, as well as $104,682 in salary for 25 hours a week of service to the Tiger Woods Foundation.
Over $500k for 65 hours of work?! Now that is a job I could get in to! I don't know anything personally about Tiger's charity- and anyone he's help with any amount of his money is a positive thing- but I think people expect money they give to go where it is needed. When I donate $100 I realize some will be used for administrative purposes but I generally hope $85 or so will end up at its targeted destination- not just $15.

To be fair- Tiger's foundation does generally receive good marks from charity watchdog organizations.

ED. UPDATE- After re-reading the way it was worded- I think it does mean that he was paid for working 40 hours a week every week, plus an additional 25 hours one week per year. It's a job I'd still like to have... but it's not as crazy as I first stated.

Is Williams Out?
Is TW Foundation Overpaying Execs?
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Banker85 says:
so is that 65 hours a week all year long? or just 65 hours and thats it? I could see if the guy was working that much and being paid that much but if it is the latter than wtf!
Nethmonkey says:
looks like it reads for 40 hours of work a week and an extra 25 hours a week on the foundation, so 500k for a 65 hour work week
Kickntrue says:
@banker85- I read it as 65 total hours per year. I agree that if it was 65 hours per week- it's reasonable. Still nice pay- but reasonable.
brianshaffer32 says:
This stuff happens with every charity for the most part. I am sure that the good out weighs the bad here... When will this ever end, wish we could just talk about golf, so in an effort to try to make this golf related...the bigger story is if Williams is out. He is synonymous with Tiger and 13 of his majors. Not saying Tiger needs the guy but he has been there for most of the success and for the current downfall. Hope to see them rise to the top together again.
Jae.S SA says:
Tiger GO FOR IT!!! Your the BEST! in the WORLD!
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