Tiger To Meet The Press
By Kickntrue on 3/25/10
Tiger will face the media on Master's Monday at 2PM EST in his first press conference since last November. I'm sure it will still be somewhat cordial since it's going to be at Augusta National, but I'm thinking it may still be worth planning your lunch break around. Usually Monday press conferences at Augusta are reserved for lesser players- as the media hasn't showed up in masses yet. I'm guessing a few hotel reservations are being changed.

I'm sure we're going to hear a lot of, "This matter is between Elin and me," but it will still be pretty crazy to hear the questions actually asked. I wonder how ballsy people will actually get. It's a little different to sit in an office and write an article versus standing in front of one of the most powerful people in the world and ask it to his face. Being the person to ask the first crazy question will pretty much guarantee never getting a Tiger interview or quote the rest of your career. Is it worth it, especially when you know he's not even going to answer it?

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sepfeiff says:
Good point, hopefully someone who had a good career already will do it instead of a red shirt!
Kurt the Knife says:
Help me understand.
Why must he answer questions to anyone about anything?

I don't think he owes me anything. I don't give a rat's a**.
falcon50driver says:
Rodent's rectum here too..
Torleif Sorenson says:
Tiger owes us nothing.

He may or may not be a serial womanizer like Bill Clinton, but there is no related court case; Tiger is a private citizen and not an elected official who lied under oath; and (unlike Clinton) he has not been credibly accused of rape and gotten away with it. I hardly think Tiger will get into any undignified talk, especially since it will be at Augusta National.

And this still does not erase that fact that Tiger has influenced thousands upon thousands of people (especially kids!) who might not have otherwise become interested in golf to start playing. Tiger's arrival on the (professional) scene in 1996 is still as wonderfully consequential as Wayne Gretzky's arrival in Los Angeles on August 9, 1988. I still admire Tiger on this basis and I'm sure he will still do what he can to influence kids to take up this wonderful game.

The Monday presser probably will be the news equivalent of a soufflé.
DougE says:
Tiger's personal life is his. He owes no one an explanation, except his wife and family. What he does ON the course as a professional athlete is our only business of his. Let's move on to the thing that makes him unique. No one can play like him on the course. There are millions who have played like him off the course. It's nothing new. I'm rooting for him at Augusta...and beyond.
Brad Lang says:
I agree also!! Tiger has to explain himself to no one except his family!! I will always be rooting for TW to win everytime he plays.....Can't wait till he breaks Jack's Majors......4 to tie, 5 to take over!!
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