Thank God Killing Squirrels is Still OK!
By Kickntrue on 2/8/07
Since killing pigeons is no longer in vogue, this can be taken as good news: Killing Squirrels is still ok! A California golf course has to get special permission to use poisons to kill the squirrels that were invading their course. (Link)

America has some stupid laws.

[In the process of finding an appropriate picture of this post, I cam across this great site.]

I should've used this picture.

(Edit: Feb 11)
**Thanks to user Merlin2Driver for finding this clip**

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klangdon says:
If I owned a course, I wouldn't kill the squirrels. Instead I would catch them using Hartz squirrel traps. Then at 2am I would sneak onto the closest competitive course and release them there...
falcon50driver says:
I read your link to the Pigeon article. I am saddened that our country has come to the point where getting naked and beating your car with a dead bird has become a problem for some people. What's next, are they going to get on us for that alligator, armadillo and whipped cream thing that we do here in Texas?
Kickntrue says:
Wow- m2d. I'd LOVE to hear about the alligator, armadillo and whipped cream thing.

i tried to google it, but "safe search" was on. haha.

Seriously though- I agree that the guy was insane (the whole naked thing) but come on! Half the friggin states in the US have a SPECIFIC hunting season for birds, including pigeons. Give him a year in jail for being naked and crazy and vindictive. You can't call it animal cruelity.
falcon50driver says:

Not an endorsement, just a suggestion, check it out.
Kickntrue says:
m2d- awesome video.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Now THAT's what I call a "flying squirrel." I know two aerospace engineers who could help with the trajectory... :>
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