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U-Dub Women's Golfer Hospitalized In Cart Accident
By Kickntrue on 3/30/10
University of Washington golfer Karinn Dickinson was hospitalized after being pinned between a couple golf carts over the weekend at the Longhorn Invitational, a 16-team collegiate event in Austin, Texas.
Dickinson was standing next to a cart when a volunteer accidentally hit her, trapping her between the two carts. She was treated by Texas staff members before EMTs arrived and took her to the emergency room.

X-rays of Dickinson revealed she suffered a bruised tibia and she was released from the hospital after a two-hour stay. She returned to the golf course on crutches and was able to cheer on teammates from a cart.
Fortunately, this didn't turn out as ugly as it could have, but if I'm Dickinson, her parents, and to a lesser deal, the her coach, I'm pretty peeved about this. I recognize the fact that anytime you get in any vehicle you are taking a chance and accidents do happen, but I haven't met a golf cart accident yet that wasn't avoidable. I hope this volunteer is barred from future cart duties. They should still volunteer... but someone has to be in charge of trash, too.

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birdieXris says:
True that. I don't know how anyone could be in an accident with a golf cart. They don't go that fast and barring just being stupid, drunk, or a malfunction with the cart - there's no way there should be an accident if you're responsibly operating the vehicle.
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