How Joshua Cribbs Handles His Business
By Kickntrue on 3/30/10
How do you know you're a pro athlete? No- it's not your bank account. It's when you can go play in a Playboy Golf Tournament on your wife's birthday and still be married. Special Teams extraordinaire Joshua Cribbs did just such a thing yesterday, Tweeted about it all day (including pictures) and somehow lived to tell about it. His last Tweet (no lie),
"11:26pm: God has truly blessed me on so many levels!!!
Well... Can't disagree with you there.

Here's is the basic timeline of his day- based on his Tweets.
Saturday: 10:49pm: About to shoot some footage for Jim Rome at the playboy masion I promise I will behave myself… Wifey is rightfully upset but Ima good boy.

1:43 pm: At the playboy golf tournament… Wow I’m doing interviews for Jim Rome with the actors, players, & playmates….

6:00 pm: Wifey birthday is today I have something great instored right now I’m still at the golf tournament getting tired but still having fun

8:20 pm: Just Finnished the golf tournament…

11:26pm: God has truly blessed me on so many levels!!!
The good news for Cribbs wife- he still had time to take her and the family out to Roscoe's House of Chicken And Waffles. Nice. He spends all day with Playmates... and she gets Chicken and Waffles.

Well done sir. Oh- if you're wondering what a Playboy Golf Tournament is like... I'm guessing the picture on the right will give you some clues. There are more pictures if you go through the links.

Cribbs Twitter
Via Deadspin

photo source - also a great pic of Josh wearing an adult onezie. Hilarious.

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Kurt the Knife says:

"12:30pm wifey has enrolled me in new classes. What's Sylvan language learning?"

3:00pm wifey not returning texts. Yo' this place is da bobm.. did i spell that right?

6:47pm just wasted and glad to be home. Hope wifey is...

6:49pm HEY...who's black Escalade is in my driveway!!!
Banker85 says:
that just not fair.
activesense says:
LMFAO @ black escalade
Mr VanityHandicap says:
WOW..... I can't believe how racist this is.... shame on you oobgolf
Mr VanityHandicap says:
let me clarify..... first the story isn't even accurate as far as order and times of the Twitter messages..... second.... Roscoes chicken and waffles? come on..........
Kickntrue says:
@Mr VanityHandicap- Click on the story. I didn't make it up. There is a picture of him with his family in front of the restaurant. Honestly, the race of anyone involved in the story never crossed my mind. I just thought it was a funny story about an NFL player going golfing with Playboy Playmates instead of being with his wife on her birthday. No offense to anyone/thing was meant.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
I am just saying.... if you goto his twitter page which you referenced the times are incorrect. Also there is no reference about this chicken and waffles trip so your "story" how funny it might be is incorrect. Alittle fact checking goes a long way before posting your "story" Sounds to me liek another fabrication to get a cheap laugh
Kickntrue says:
I didn't want to post this link because there are some inappropriate ads- but here is the main source if you click through the link- including a C & W picture. I think he pulled them from his Twit Pic account- but they do exist. For what its worth.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
granted the picture was taken two days after said wife's birthday..... point is the article is inaccurate and in bad taste......
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