Andrew Giuliani's Lawsuit Dismissed
By Kickntrue on 3/31/10
It's been about 2 years, but Rudy's son Andrew Giuliani has finally had his lawsuit against Duke thrown out of court. Giuliani was cut from Duke's golf team and he claimed that he was promise the ability to have access to the facilities in an effort to turn pro, and that's what lured him to Duke.
U.S. District Judge William Osteen Jr. said in an order Tuesday that the offers used to lure Andrew Giuliani to the school did not constitute an enforceable contract. A magistrate judge had also recommended dismissal of the case last year.
I don't know how Andrew did on Big Break. I know he was actually doing pretty well, but I stopped watching, because well, it's Big Break and there was a Gossip Girl marathon on another channel. The fact that this lawsuit pretty much got him on that show- with a chance to practice and get professional instruction probably makes this whole process a win for Giuliani despite the judge's ruling, which kind of pisses me off.

I'm crossing my fingers that I never hear about Andrew Giuliani again- but I doubt I have that much luck.

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AndyStarbuck says:
He would have been on the show regardless. Ex: Susan Lucci's son was on it and he's not nearly as good as Andrew. AG came off looking classiest on BB but he really had no competition with that group of punks last season.
Kickntrue says:
@andystarbuck- did he win?
kingwood hacker says:
He didn't but he made it pretty far. He talked a ton of trash, but he had game to back it up.
Swingem says:
I didn't think I'd like AG, but a lot of the others were such A-holes that I ended up pulling for the guy. He actually came off pretty well, and as Kingwood said, he's got some game.
Kurt the Knife says:
same kid that was acting like an ass at his dad's inauguration?
Stymie says:
I saw his scores on an event in South Florida on "the Minor League Golf Tour" not doing to well. I thought he did well on the Big Break, most of the other player did not like him to much. Here is his bio on the tours web site.
mmontisano says:
Giuliani is an expletive, at his best. but so where half the other guys on Big Break, so he didn't stick out as much.
nickp says:
Fat red head nerds use side exit outta the court.
birdieXris says:
Remember when the big break was full of normal people who wanted to play their heart out in golf? What happened that it turned into trash talking - pretty looking people with "tv personalities".
TeT says:
Is that on cable, yeah my rabbit ears dont get that channel....
DougE says:
Andrew is a very good golfer. Wish I was half as good. He has grown up quite a bit from that weird kid at his father's inauguration. I enjoyed watching him on Big Break. Frankly, other than the two brothers who both were good enough to win, I felt AG had the most confidence and the best game. Some of the others on that show were real characters, many of whom did not impress me. They were all decent players, young and cocky. But, Andrew seemed to me to be a better course manager than the mostly "grip it and rip it" mentality of the other young guns. The format for the show has elimination challenges each week, many of which really don't capture a player's actual competition ability. In the end, Pat Perez's brother won, and I think he himself was surprised. AG was generally better than him in my opinion.
Brady Banks says:
Those two brothers were players.
tjlenzo says:
hes a republican and thus a huge bro.
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