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I Hate April Fools Day
By Kickntrue on 4/1/10
Today is the worst day ever, especially when your job requires reporting and commenting on news... that may or not be made up. Every website and organization finds it necessary to conjure up a story or prank and frankly- it's impossible to tell anymore.

So- in honor of today- and the fact that nothing is really going on until next week (Masters- WOO HOO!!), I'm not posting any news today. I'm going to try to get an equipment review up (don't hold your breath)- and .. wait for it, GOLFER OF THE WEEK!

While it makes my job a bit tougher- it doesn't mean a good April Fools Prank can't be funny- so if anyone has any stories- please share them below.

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tennesseeboy says:
You obviously haven't heard. The Masters has been postponed for one week because the azaleas are blooming later than usual.
birdieXris says:
Apparently Fred Couples was in on the April fools shenanigans. Between his putt and Tee shot (i think it was on 15??) he goes over to the rules official and starts hardcore bitching about how awful the course looks this week at the Shell Houston Open. The Official was really confused. "april fools" ..... Gotta love Freddy.
cvargo says:
mother nature played april fool's on me! i've golfed about 3 times this season thus far (Utah) today and yesterday SNOW and LOTS
Bryan K says:
Yeah...April Fools' Day is the stupidest day of the year. I pulled one April Fools' joke this year...wishing someone a happy April Fools' Day.
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