TW Look-Alikes Living Well
By Kickntrue on 4/2/10
With Tiger coming back next week- one odd group who has benefited from his success will be back in business; look-alikes. First the article- then I'll tell my story from the PGA Show.
The most pressure a Tiger look-alike gets happens on the golf course. "When you look like Tiger out on the golf course, people expect you to play like Tiger and hit the ball like Tiger, so there's a lot of pressure there," Chua said.But he says he doesn't come close to Tiger's prowess on the links.

Chua is a database administrator for CureSearch in Arcadia. Chua won't be attending the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, where the real Tiger Woods is expected to resume his gold career. But he does have other appearances planned in the coming months. He is also in two movies due out this year: "ParFection," in which he plays Tiger Woods, and "Brand Dead," a Pauly Shore film in which he plays a miniature golf pro.
I met another Tiger impersonator at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando (pictured on right) at the end of January. I actually recognized him from an article in the New York Times. He claimed in that article that he wouldn't try to make money from Tiger Woods' transgressions. When I saw him I tried to talk to him as a real person. I actually remembered some of the article's details including the odd fact that he had an MBA from Harvard (think what that says about the money you can make impersonating Tiger). He wouldn't come out of character at all. He kept repeating, "I went to Stanford, you don't know what you're talking about."

I don't really have a problem with this- I just think it's interesting. Everyone has had someone tell them they look like, "(fill in celebrity here)." For me- when I was younger people thought I looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, which at the time was basically saying I was a teenage heartthrob. What happened? Anyway- back to the point. I'm not sure I'd want to look so close to a celebrity that I could literally be mistook for them. Sounds like a lot of unwanted nightmare- without the paycheck. Then again- it sounds like these guys are doing okay...

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birdieXris says:
Well there was that Obama look-alike. He's making a goldmine now. I think he did a dirty movie or 2 as well.
falcon50driver says:
I once saw a guy in Las Vegas who looked exactly like Walter Matthau. He was wearing one of those stick on convention type name tags. Written on it was "I AM NOT WALTER MATTHAU!!" Guess you get tired of the attention.
jalsing says:
Tiger has a gold career?
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