Does Beer Help Your Golf Game?
By Kickntrue on 2/9/07
I'm sure one or two of us have ventured out to the golf course with the intent to drink a beer or two. Can it help your game? The obvious answer is "no" but someone spent a lot of time thinking it through, so I thought I would give them a shot to answer. It's a pretty clever article including a "chart" so it must be legit.
Beer doesn't so much help your golf game as it reduces tension, which hurts your golf game. The perfect swing is an extremely delicate balance between focus and relaxation. While a few beers might help with relaxation, the unfortunate consequence is a drop in the focus part of the equation.

The real answer to improving your golf game is learning how to control this balance consciously, without foreign substances. Furthermore, the way to get control of your mental function is through meditation.

See the full article HERE

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