What the heck is at the bottom of the bag?
This Is A BIIIIT Of A Strech
By Kickntrue on 4/6/10
Someone has launched an auction on ebay that allows us all to bid on a Masters bag that a ball hit by Tiger Woods touched.
Yes, it's true. This bag was actually touched by Tiger Woods' ball on the 14th hole of the 2007 Masters during a Monday practice round. Well, that's just after it plunked a lady in the arm. After Tiger's ball rolled over my bag, I tried to ask for the ball, but the lady stole my thunder as she grabbed Tiger for a rare picture since she truly took one for the gallery.

(I can't blame her since she got whacked pretty good.) So...why am I selling a bag that's given to you FREE when you buy a dozen Masters shirts for your buddies? Easy: It's The Masters and this bag has Tiger Woods (or at least his ball) all over it. FREE GIFTS (if you win this auction): A complimentary 18th Fairway 'Masters' PINE CONE & BROKEN LEAF COMBO (see photo). Plus, a second bag (not touched by Tiger Woods' ball or without official Masters foliage), but rather as my gift to you for taking interest in--and winning--my auction.
Thank you very much for your bid! --A Golf Fan Forever
So- clearly one of two things is happening here. 1) This guy is starving or 2) this guy is delusional. I think #2 is the more likely case (since he found time to ebay) but just in case- I think we should track this guy down and send him some Top Raman.

I know this is going to shock you but the item currently has 0 bids- and the starting price is $9.

The sad part- is if this story picks up traction- this guy could actually luck out. The story is stupid enough that some collector could pick it up just to add the "story" to his catalog.

Masters Bag ebay Auction
Via Deadspin

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Kurt the Knife says:

Hey, cool. It comes complete with what looks like a dog poo in the bag.

Kickntrue says:
@activesense- it was not me... but now I'm thinking... HAHAH
activesense says:
UPDATE... Some doofus has actually bid for the bag. I wonder if it was an oober who read this story. I hope it wasn't Andrew, planning to make it an addict prize for later this year.
sepfeiff says:
Wow, that would look great in my office.....in the garbage can.
Shankapotamus says:
I seem to remember an similar auction for a Tiger Woods apple core that went for something stupid like $30,000 because the story caught fire and everyone was talking about it. This guy doesn't seem to be having the same luck but there are obviously morons out there that have the $ to waste.
dooboo says:
This guy is a tool...having said that, whoever buys the bag is a bigger tool.
activesense says:
Well it sold for $9, the required opening bid. So much for Tiger's touch.
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