What's For Dinner?
By Kickntrue on 4/7/10
A local Augusta newspaper writer managed to get the dinner menu for last night's Masters Champions Dinner as picked by Angel Cabrera. Each year- two night's before the start of The Masters, the previous year's winner gets to pick the menu for the dinner reserved for past winners. This should surprise nobody- Cabrera likes meat.
EMPANADAS DE CARNE ( Beef Empanadas with Scallions & Olives)
LOCRO (Argentine Stew Made with Corn, Beans, Bacon, Beef & Chorizo)

* Chorizo (Pork Sausage)
* Morcilla (Blood Sausage)
* Mollejas (Sweetbreads)
* Lomos Enteros (Filet Mignon)
* Vacio (Flank Steak)
* Costillas (Short Ribs Bone In)


* Ensalada Criolla (All Diced Small) Tomatoes, Onions & Green Bell Peppers. Oil & Vinager Dressing
* Ensalada de Papas (Potato Salad : Diced Boiled Potatoes,Hard Boiled Eggs & Scallions. Mayonnaise & Mustard Dressing)
* Ensalada de Arugula con Zanahorias Asadas & Queso Parmesano. Vinagreta con Ajo. (Arugula Salad with Grilled Carrots & Parmesan Cheese.Garlic Vinaigrette)
* Ensalada de Lechuga, Tomates & Cebollas (Lettuce, Onions & Tomato Salad)
* Ensalada de Remolachas & Huevos Duros con Mayonesa (Beets & Hard Boiled Eggs. Mayonnaise Dressing)


* Tocino del Cielo (Flan con Caramelo)
* Panqueque de Dulce de Leche
* Grappa Served with Desserts
About.com has a great list of all past winner's meals. When Tiger first won when he was 22 his menu for the dinner the next year was cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Later in his career it was porterhouse steaks with sushi. Funny what a couple years of culture can do for the taste buds.

Champions Dinner History
Angel's Full Dinner Menu

photo source

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nickp says:
That menu sounds awesome.
falcon50driver says:
So Tiger didn't go with Fuzzy Zoeller's menu prediction?
bplewis24 says:
I should NOT have clicked on this article while hungry at work.
wrhall02 says:
I recenlty watched GC's "inside the PGATour" featuring Angel "El Pato" Cabrera. Fantastic rags to riches story. I like this guy, money and fame haven't changed him. I reallylike his menu minus the Morcilla.

Note to Tiger: ditch the PR firm, agents and publicity experts and take El Pato's advice on life!
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