Sunglasses Tiger Looks Weird
By Kickntrue on 4/9/10
Has he ever worn sunglasses before? He looks funny.

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JDoughMO says:
Just makes it easier for the body doubles and look-alikes to run interference.
Clint24 says:
I was thinking the same thing starting Monday when he came to Augusta.
Lf Golf1 says:
coojofresh says:
they look like those stupid HD glasses i just bought. they just make everything look brown. pretty clear though.
Lf Golf1 says:
He's wearing them cause of the pollen.
JDoughMO says:
I can see the headlines now: Tiger overcomes the overwhelming pollen of Augusta to win his 5th green jacket.....oh yeah, there was also a 5 month self-imposed layoff of sorts...

Nike Pollen Proof Glasses = now on sale for $150. Guaranteed to save 5 strokes and keep you from looking like a snot drizzling jag off.
mjaber says:
I was saying the same thing to my father-in-law yesterday. I think he looked like someone from MTV's Real World.
coachjordan89 says:
Maybe he was hiding another black eye??? Who cares what he wears as long as he plays well. Not a big personal fan but definitely a golf fan.
trathunde42 says:
its so he can secretly look at the females in the crowd without anyone noticing.
rynolinks says:
i think he got them for $3.99 at Target to find his ball in the rough.
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