Phil Mickelson Wins 3rd Green Jacket
By Kickntrue on 4/12/10
What an amazing weekend of golf! Majors don't always live up to the hype- but I don't think you can make any arguments about this weekend's Masters. Phil Mickelson played some of the best golf of his life beating the best field in the world by 3 strokes. The top of the leaderboard was loaded with stars, including Tiger Woods- who showed that he's still got game (still has a mouth too). The 2010 season has been excellent so far- and now it looks like it's going to get even better!

Instead of trying to be a golf analyst and breaking down all of the performances (you can find that all over the web today)- I'll just ask for your feedback. What was your favorite moment? What will stick with you from this weekend?

Below is a video of one of the odder moments from yesterday. I'm glad Phil was able to overcome it. Would've been terrible to end up losing by 1 or something.

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Kickntrue says:
I'm going to post this as a comment- vs in the story- because it's 100% my opinion- but my only issue with the whole weekend- was Jim Nantz's line after Mickelson sunk his putt on 18- "This one is for families." Seemed VERY contrived, like he had been rehearsing it all weekend, and kind of dumb. Clearly a dig at Tiger- but didn't Nantz go through a messy divorce last year where all his mud was dragged through the public sphere? Seems a little hypocritical- and a terrible "call" to have played over Phil's moment for the end of time.
sigmapete1 says:
I thought he said, "and this one is for the family," meaning Phil's family (obviously referring to the struggles of Amy and Phil's mom). I didn't take it as a dig at Tiger.
dottomm says:
uh. Eagle! Eagle! Birdie! and that was Saturday. What a great weekend!!
mmontisano says:
second shot at 13. old Phil reared his ugly head, but he pulled it off.
KVSmith59 says:
Agree with badcaddy...incredible shot.. I love the Masters EXCEPT for the green jacket ceremony they hold inside the cabin. Too weird. I much prefer the outside shot when they put the jacket on in front of the fans.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@KVSmith59: Absolutely right. If they ditched the awkward Butler Cabin ceremony for a U.S. Open-style presentation, it would be a lot more meaningful. Yesterday would have been great if we could have seen Amy and the rest of the family at the outdoor ceremony.

I'm with @dottomm; Eagle-eagle-birdie on Saturday was awesome viewing, but the second at 13 was pretty startling. I'm still hoping K.J. Choi and Lee Westwood can break through soon, too.
brianshaffer32 says:
Nantz was digging at Tiger all week and CBS was doing their best to get a Tiger mouth moment, they jack the mics up on him and leave the mic on for 5 sec. after each of his shots. Not to mention I heard Phil say Sh*t after a shot on Saturday and there wasn't one mention of it. None the less it was an amazing weekend of golf and it was just what the Tour and the game needed with so many non golf fans watching this weekend. ... Best Moment: Phil's eagle eagle birdie and the crazy shot on 13, that he really didn't or shouldn't have hit, but thats what makes Phil Phil
Ed Men says:
You Go Phil!!!!!!!!! "Tiger, Tiger who?"
Congrats Lefty, awesome performance, My hats' off to you..
rynolinks says:
the only thing better than [the good guy] phil winning a 3rd [most ultimate of all the majors] masters: he and his wife's story/relationship.
the only thing worse than tiger's current tragedy of his marital failure: the media making it a bigger story than phil-amy's.
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