Jerry Rice Makes Pro Golf Debut
By Kickntrue on 4/13/10
Former NFL'er Jerry Rice will make his pro golf debut this week on the Nationwide Tour.
And he isn't shy about his goals. "I'd love to make this cut in my debut," he told the AP.

Rice said he has a long history with golf that he used to dabble on the side during his NFL career.

"I can hold my own," Rice told the AP about his long game. "I have been up at night visualizing my strategy what I'm going to do on every hole.
If Rice can actually pull off making the cut- I think it's a greater golf feat than Phil winning The Masters. It really would be a huge boost to all of us with "real jobs" who dream of someday giving it all up to focus on the golf game.

Unfortunately for Jerry (and for us), it's not quite as easy said than done. I'm sure Jerry is in this event because of a sponsor's exemption (if I had any real journalistic chops I'd look it up, but I'm not going to). Jerry may not finish dead last- but I bet he ends up close to it. Still- it's worth watching- and I'm certainly not being a hater. I'm 100% rooting for him to make the cut and finish high. It really would be amazing- I just don't think he's quite there.

... Big Ben Roethlisburger on the other hand. He could probably do it. He played the US Open course last year at Bethpage and shot a 78- better than a lot of the pros. Plus- he already has the womanizing thing down. /ZING.

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Nethmonkey says:
"Plus- he already has the womanizing thing down"

I think he has a better chance than you give him credit for. If anyone isn't going to feel any pressure to make a birdie putt to make the cut, it's someone like him. He doesn't need the money anymore (unless he gambled all his away, I'll cite your journalistic chops comment to apply to myself) and he's experience far greater pressure.
mmontisano says:

"He will make his pro debut Thursday in a Nationwide Tour event. He also will serve as host of the 156-player tournament, with his foundation receiving proceeds."

so there is why he's playing, but i still don't understand it. from what i've read/heard, he's a 2 handicap. most pros are -4 handicaps. Tiger in 2000/2001 was -10. there's not way he'll compete.
Jippy says:
Jerry Rice is actually the host of the celebrity pro am at the Fresh Express Classic tomorrow. I'm guessing his philanthropic efforts might have helped him get into the tournament.

If anyone lives in Norcal, it's being held at TPC Stonebrae in Hayward all week and tickets are $20 online!
coojofresh says:
i hope he does good. he was a really dedicated football player. as long as he can hang i think that that dedication will take him far.
iansyliu says:
Did anyone watch Donald Trump's Fabulous World of Golf this week on Golf Channel? Jerry played on Trump's course with Lawrence Taylor and lost by 2 strokes. LT almost has a swing as ugly as Charles Barkley, and played the entire round with a cigar in his mouth. LT owned Jerry in the short game and with the putter. Talent wise, he's not quite there yet... good luck to him anyway!
TeT says:
Hey who wouldn't go all philanthropic and *&^% for a chance to tee off at a pro tourny with the big boys!!
Nethmonkey says:
20 back already, yikes.
mmontisano says:
DFL. that's all i'm gonna say.
Torleif Sorenson says:
MC. Still, credit to him for putting his skills on the line in front of an audience, with that much pressure. Most golfers (myself included) can't handle that kind of pressure.

(I'd rather have a cello or a six-string bass in my hands.)
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