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New Dimple-less Golf Ball Could Change Industry
By Kickntrue on 2/8/07
Every so often, something comes along that changes the way we do things. Golf is no different. Caesar Golf Company, hopes they have developed one of these products when they revealed their new Dimple-less golf ball. The ball, which conforms to all USGA regulations, does not slice or hook. The "catch" is that you have to give up some distance (and pay $10 per ball).

From caesargolfcompany.com:
"Each dimple on a traditional golf ball adversely reacts to each blade of grass from the golfer to the hole, Caesar golf balls blast down the fairway or roll straight for the cup with the precision of a billiard ball," explains Vin Lee, CEO, Caesar Golf Company. "We've removed the variables and imperfections hidden by seams and dimple geometry. The golf ball industry has been focused on a Neanderthal mentality of powering the ball as far as possible. We believe the game of golf is about precision, placing each shot where you want them, not just trying to rocket out over the highway."

I personally think this is a really great thing. The story also says the production cost of the balls is about 10 times that of a normal ball. I'd love to know if anyone has tried these? It would also be interesting to know how much distance you really sacrifice for the ability to hit it straight?

Check out the BusinessWire.com story (via Digital50.com) HERE.

Another Article.

Caesar Golf Company

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klangdon says:
It will be real interesting to see what these balls and a square driver could do for ones fairway accuracy. I want to see some hard data...
JustinMcCracken says:
No Spin
Josh says:
I don't know so much that it's no-spin as much as it's the spin you get won't matter. Spin is produced from friction between the ball and the club and the ball "rolling" off the club, the dimples have less to do with that than the materials that the ball cover is made from. Dimples DO have an impact in the air however as they cause turbulence which causes the ball to react in air to the spin you've put upon it.

I still haven't seen these, I'd probably be easily convinced to try a sleeve of them.
WhySo says:
Sorry.....For those who have played billards.....it is obvious.....even tho a billard ball FEELS smooth.....IT IS THE OFFSET BETWEEN THE THE LINE OF MOMENTUM OR FORCE....in this case the alignment of the pool cue .....and THE CENTER OF MASS OF THE BALL.... THAT CAUSES THE BALL TO SPIN AND THE DIRECTION IT SPINS. And when it does.....it is the microscopic size indentations in the ball that catch in the microscopic indentations in the table surface...that are the primary cause of non straight path of the billard ball. I suggest that likewise an air molecule doesn't basically know if it hit a "dimple area" or not." The dimple area is also full of these "indentations". If an air molecule is caught....it is caught dimple or not. And when caught its rebound off the golf ball, and it must get out of the way....is modified to some extent....in the direction of
the spin of the ball...when it gets "caught" in an indentation.
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