Tiger Attends Nickelback Concert
By Kickntrue on 4/21/10
TMZ is reporting that Tiger Woods hit up a Nickelback concert last night in Orlando. Really Tiger, Nickelback? I mean... it's a Canadian band named after an action the lead singer used to perform at his job with Starbucks (seriously, "here is your nickel back.").

I'm almost embarrassed for Tiger but maybe this is all part of his plan to separate himself from bad influences in his life like Micheal Jordan and Charles Barkley. I think it will work- because once they here you were backstage jamming at a Nickelback concert I'm pretty sure they're not going to want to hang out with you.

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white_rabbitt says:
yeah, but think of all the young girls at a Nickelback concert!
tartantoml says:
Maybe Tiger "Wants to be a Rock Star"!
TWUES17 says:
There's a pickle on facebook that has more fans than Nickelback. Seems appropriate.
garthspaulding says:
right when I thought his fall from grace was over..... what a tool. I am now burning my TW gear.
Banker85 says:
people find any reason to talk about TW lame article lame.
FairlyShittyGolfer says:
Seems his taste in music is even worse than his taste in women...
SuperSport says:
Weak sauce article with the intent to shock readers. Not shocked not worried that TW went to a concert. But wait til he gets his "SwingBack". Real talk.
Kickntrue says:
@supersport- maybe a weak sauce article- but not intended to shock.... intended to make fun of nickelback.
SuperSport says:
My apologies, Kickntrue - not familiar with the group. I listen to Yanni. ;)
Art Ciolkowski says:
Why was this story posted? Who cares?
Pawwbear says:
I agree, why is this story posted. Who cares is right! Since when does a person's taste in music mean anything.
garthspaulding says:
I think this post is revealing as it is a minor glimpse into the life of the worlds most popular golfer and therefor justified on a golf blog with tons of good {Free} content. Also nickleback does have less fans than a pickle. Maybe Tiger will go see creed next....
Swingem says:
I'm shocked! That Nickleback has enough songs to qualify as a concert.
jbird2011 says:
I think he should start hanging out with MJ again. At least he was winning then.
trathunde42 says:
Who cares!!!!!
Falcon1 says:
Lets get real here 1st taste in music is an opinion. I am sure all the Nickleback bashers posting here are fans of the genre that if you play it backwards you'll get your wife, your job, your dog back, get sober and pull your 4x4 out of the ditch. But that doesn't mean I hate country music :)
bortass says:
@supersport - Yanni, master of the pan flute?
jonkerm says:
What are you talking about. They are a good band just as he is a good golfer and people should just lay off.
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