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By Kickntrue on 4/15/10
Someone seems to have gotten their hands on an Augusta National member's green jacket. The auction ends tonight at 8pm EST. This appears to be real- though I'm not sure how it's possible. Augusta National is pretty strict about such things.

It's a size 50- so if you're not a burly man you'll either need to plan on having it in a display case or consider using it as fabric for curtains.

The bidding with a few hours left is just under $2k. Not that bad actually- considering how hard it would be to get your hands on a real green jacket otherwise.

Auction- Get It NOW!

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coojofresh says:
who cares about a green jacket? especially if you didn't win it. i have some of John Daly's size 50 underwear.
HotBacon says:
I wonder if this would get you into Augusta for the Masters next year?
Trav says:
Not sure why anyone would buy someone else's wrinkled, odorful jacket when you can get a new one, that fits, and cheaper. Although you would need to have someone make up one of those emblems if yo are trying to fool your friends into thinking that you are a member at Augusta.
coojofresh says:
lol Trav
helfon says:
looks like it got relisted. I can't imagine how you could feel good about buying a green jacket. It would be like buying the Fridge's super bowl ring. (Which is also for sale)
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