Shocking- no free pics of Dickie Pride on the net.
Dickie Pride And The Nationwide Gang
By Kickntrue on 4/16/10
After day 1 of The Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae the leader at -8 is none other than Dickie Pride. What you've never heard of Dickie Pride?! Well- me neither, but Dickie Pride has to be the best name in the history of sports- and there have been some good ones. You think Dickie Pride was popular with the ladies in high school? You think Dickie Pride ever got made fun of? You think I can type "Dickie Pride" one more time? Dickie Pride... Heck Yes!

Earlier this week I told you former NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice would be playing the event and not as a gimmick PR stunt, but to actually compete for the win. Well- he did play and finish 18 holes. He finished at 12 over, good enough for dead last after round 1, but better than the two guys who withdrew from the event (I guess?). I hope he finishes better than 1 "real" pro today. Then we can at least still hold on to some dreams of giving up everything to play pro golf.

Dickie Pride. Dickie Pride. Dickie Pride. ... I can't wait to type his name into Google Image Search.

/learns "Dickie Pride" was a big time singer.

Is anyone still following this post? I feel like I just pulled a Daniel Tosh

Full Nationwide Leaderboard

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mbills1015 says:
no name is better then the Nascar driver -- Dick Trickle -- Dickie Pride is alright... But Dick Trickle is awesome!
Ben Crane says:
Don't forget about Thongchai Jaidee
Ben Crane says:
@mbills1015 - 100% agree.
Trevor Spring says:
Bob Rotellas book, "golf is a game of confidence", he has a whole chapter about dickie pride. just fyi
Kickntrue says:
@trevor spring- "rotella" - my favorite pasta.
kingwood hacker says:
From what I saw on golf channel, Jerry didn't actually play too terribly yesterday. He had a couple holes where he just got a bad break and ended up making big numbers. I guess that's what separates the pros from the low handicap amateurs though, being able to avoid the big numbers when things go bad.
mjaber says:
@mbills, Ben Crane... I disagree. The best name is a politician in NH. Dick Swett.

Not everybody Trickles, but everybody Swetts.
birdieXris says:
Yea bills, definitely Dick Trickle.

Mjaber -- yea that's a close second
mmontisano says:
don't forget the former House Majority Leader named Dick Armey.
bducharm says:
Dickie Pride actually won a PGA Tour event years ago. And I grew up watching Dick Trickle race stock cars in Wisconsin!!!
bplewis24 says:
I'm noticing a theme with all of these "best name" nominations. Hmmm...
mmontisano says:
Jerry Rice after Day 2 is still DFL
scottccherry says:
Dick Trickle is hilariously metaphorical, but one of my sister's friends is getting married to a guy named Cash McCracken. That's just awesome.
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