Disc Golf - A Good Babysitter
By Kickntrue on 4/19/10
I'll admit, I've never actually played disc golf. It looks decently fun to play- though I think I found a better use for the setup.

The purpose of this post is three-fold. First, I wanted to show you guys how ridiculously cute my kid is. I figure it will take 2 comments for someone to speculate there is no way I can be the father. So- allow me to preemptively ask you to "Shove it" (respectfully, of course). Another couple walked by with their kid and gave me a look of disgust, like I was torturing my son. For the record, and to child protective services- he loved it, I promise.

Second, I figured it was an interesting discussion topic. Golfers and disc golfers seem to be a different audience- but I know for a fact there is decent crossover. EA Sports added a disc golf feature to their 2010 edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the Wii, so that's giving some credit to the game, though it was probably more to harness the power of the Wiimote. I'm wondering who plays- and what you like about it?

Lastly- as spring rolls around- I wanted to discuss where oobgolf stands on the sport. Since I edit and review courses on a daily basis I know there is a good number of disc golfers who try to enter disc golf courses into our database. I promptly delete them. For a hippie sport (there, I said it), it sure does carry some anger throughout its membership. I get emails weekly about how oobgolf hates disc golf and how we need to respect the sport. Well- to set the record straight (and so I can link to this post instead of retyping the email weekly), we absolutely respect the sport, for what it is. Disc golf is a separate sport from traditional or ball golf, as its often called, and therefore it should have its own place. Having disc golf courses in our database can cause confusion for those looking for places to play. Additionally, because a big part of our focus is the accumulation of golf stats throughout our entire site- mixing non-golf scores and stats into the mix ruins the integrity of our numbers.

We've been asked multiple times to recreate oobgolf- but for disc golf and while we think it is a great idea, nobody has yet offered to pay us to do it.

If anyone would like to introduce us to the game- we'd be happy to play, though it won't change the position of this website.

Dang, my kid is cute.

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birdieXris says:
I play disc golf. I like the walk. very much like regular golf. The game itself is mostly the same, except there's really not the same amount of rules. at least not to my knowledge, but i've never played a tournament. Just throw it till you get it in the basket. One foot has to touch the spot where your first throw ended. That's all she wrote. It's really fun to play.... and just as frustrating when you flub a 3 foot "putt" hahaha.
birdieXris says:
oh yea.... one thing i forgot. --- there tends to be more obstacles. No such thing as a fairway or rough. I'ts you, then there's the basket. In between there's usually a million trees (on the courses i play) and not a whole lot of way through them hahaha.
theredmission says:
played once and didnt care for it at all. then again 1/2 of the people that play around here are all obnoxious teens when i get the chance to be outside im going to savor it, not put up with a group of noisy 16 year olds. man i sound like a grumpy old man.
scottccherry says:
you do sound like a grumpy old man. =P
I've played a couple times, and I enjoy it a lot when I do, but I'm also an ultimate frisbee player, and so, while I have fun combining the two, I would much rather either play golf or play ultimate. It's pretty fun though.
Clint24 says:
There is a course on the arsenal out here but I've never gotton to play it. It seems like it would be pretty fun to play, definatly would be worth trying it.

Cute kid....
Bryan K says:
The disc courses around here all have the interesting scent of pot smoke to deal with as a hazard.

I gave up disc golf when, after working on my "game" for a summer, I was with someone who dropped an ace on a par 4 on his first time out.
Kurt the Knife says:
how many tosses to get your kid in the basket?
white_rabbitt says:
I have played disc golf a few times and I do enjoy it. It's no substitute for "ball" golf but it's pretty fun. I liked the idea of being outside, having different discs for different shots, and having to work the disc left/right/straight in order to score better. And possibly the best part...all of the courses around me are FREE to play!
woobwoob says:
Disc Golf is really fun to play, we have a ton of courses down here.
Banker85 says:
cute kid

disc golf is fun to get stoned and walk around the woods.
homermania says:
As a hopeless golf addict, I enjoy playing disc golf when I can't afford real golf. You can't beat free!
Kurt the Knife says:
When I was a kid there were no disc golf "courses" within 40 miles of Detroit.
We would just look around n' say, "...OK. that bent garbage can down by the liquor store in 4 tosses..GO!. OK, see that sleeping drunk dude on the bench...hit his bottle in three tosses...GO!"
It was a blast.
dmsmith20 says:
DG is a blast, I play a few tourneys and long drive comps when I can
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