Jason Bohn Leading Zurich Classic
By Kickntrue on 4/23/10
So- normally I wouldn't cover the Zurich Classic, since nobody in the top 10 in the world is even playing, but Jason Bohn is leading- and he's from Pennsylvania. Actually- beyond that, he's actually form the same town (Lewisburg) in which oobgolf was founded. Beyond even that, Jason Bohn's story is pretty awesome.

One summer home from college he was playing in a tournament and hit a hole in one where the prize was $1,000,000. On the spot- he gave up his college career, declared himself a pro and took the prize. He was a solid golfer but nobody had him on their "future pro" radar, but spending hours upon hours practicing with his newfound money changed that. So yah- he's a journeyman of sorts, but he has had his successes on the PGA Tour, and here he is today leading an event after round 1.

The downside... he has 3 more days to blow it. Still- nothing quite like the PGA Tour where a top 20 finish in a non-premiere event will make you $100k for the weekend.

Zurich Classic
Jason Bohn Wikipedia (Hole in One Story)

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bashworth says:
yeah you should go back to not covering the Zurich Classic :)
birdieXris says:
HAHAHA. naw i think it's a great story. i hope he wins it all.
Banker85 says:
way to jinx the guy. "The downside... he has 3 more days to blow it." funny though! lol
sepfeiff says:
This guy has a real chance to win. He plays better in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

Scoring Average Before Cut 70.58 67th
Round 3 Scoring Average 69.00 12th
Final Round Scoring Average 68.20 3rd
AndyStarbuck says:
Great story! Living the dream. Didn't know that.
Torleif Sorenson says:
His third shot on 18 on Sunday was of highlight film quality. When somebody plays well wire-to-wire and delivers a shot like that with one of his opponents on the green in two, he deserves to win a PGA TOUR event. Nice going, Jason.

Hey Andrew, any chance you can line up an interview for oobGolf with your fellow Pennsylvanian? :)
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