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BogeyPro.com Winners!
By Kickntrue on 4/26/10
Last week we had one of our best contest giveaways posts ever! We had nearly 100 entries- to win a prize from BogeyPro.com. Clearly you guys agree that they make some hilarious gear that really meshes with our oob audience!

So- the people to hate (in an ooberly sort of way) are helfon and Clint24 who were randomly picked as the winners!

Because there are only a couple winners but we had a great response, Arik over at BogeyPro sent me a message Friday- and he's created a discount of 20% for anyone who orders from BogeyPro.com using the coupon code "oob".

Thanks to Arik at BogeyPro and everyone here for participating. Because of the clear success the brand could have with our audience Arik and I have already started talking about ways to work together again. You could help things along by going and buying a shirt or a couple beer pints! :)

BogeyPro.com - Use "oob" code at checkout for 20% off!

[ comments ]
sepfeiff says:
Congrats, thats some cool gear
lcgolfer64 says:
Great stuff! Congrats to the winners. Waiting for the fitted " +1 " hats to come back in stock, that's a for-sure purchase.
Clint24 says:
WOOHOO! Won something on here!!! Thanks OOB! And BogeyPro!
Beekeeper45 says:
Congrats to the winners!!!!
vja430 says:
Congrats to Clint24 & Helfon on winning the nice prizes...
BogeyPro Golf says:
+1 hats back in stock next week!
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