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By Kickntrue on 4/29/10
So the "6th Major" started this morning. The top names in golf show up for the Quail Hollow Championship and some of them are already on the course. Anthony Kim is out to a VERY early lead, but he looks good (-4 through 9). Tiger is off to a bit of a slower start (2 over at the time of posting). Phil doesn't tee off until this afternoon. I'm in no way implying these are the only guys that matter (the rest of the top 50 names in golf are all playing), but let's be honest, they're the guys we care most about.

I think we'll see a bit of a dropoff from Woods this week. I think he was so jacked for the Masters that adrenaline and course knowledge carried him through to his 4th place finish. I'm not suggesting he'll miss the cut or even finish outside of the top 20, but I think he'll have a tough time competing on this course that required good (straight) tee shots.

Since winning every time out is pretty hard to do, I'd make the same prediction about Masters champ Mickelson. Even if he finishes 2nd it's technically a "drop-off" but I think we'll see more of a middle of the field finish for Phil. Keeping the emotions where they need to be after his amazing Masters finish just a couple weeks ago seems like it'd be pretty hard to do. Plus- as he did the banquet circuit after his win- I'd have to think his past few weeks haven't been used to keep his game as sharp as it could be. For him now- it's all about building the game back up for the US Open.

So who do I think will win? No clue- but since Anthony Kim is currently leading and has been quietly playing good golf in 2010, I'll pick him.

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mjaber says:
Phil may have more of a drop-off than expected. He pulled out of the pro-am yesterday after 5 holes. He was treated for dehydration on the course.
BlameMe says:
"....but let's be honest, they're the guys we care most about."

Speak for yourself! Not all of us are fan-boys of these three.

For the record Westwood, or Fruyk, got a feeling Duval will do well too.
greendevil says:
Yeah, I like Anthony Kim as well. He always seems to play well at Quail Hollow.

The course looks awesome; I'd love to play it some day.
greendevil says:
Well, after taking a look at the live leaderboard, it's not looking good for Anthony Kim. He finished his round at even par; 7 shots back (as of right now).
mjaber says:
AK had alot of trouble on the back 9. If he could have kept his round going like the front 9, he'd be way out in front.

Tiger is going to need to make low number tomorrow in order to make the cut. +2 just ain't gonna do it.
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