Shocker- nobody likes this guy... Annual Survey
By Kickntrue on 4/30/10
Each year Sports Illustrated/ anonymously interviews PGA Tour players on various subjects. I think you'll be surprised at some of the answers, especially the ones concerning TW.

71 players answered the survey...

24% of PGA Tour players think Tiger Woods has used PEDs. I'm shocked by that number. Shocked! I wish they would've followed it up with what percentage of players overall do they think use PEDs.

8% say they were aware of Tiger's infidelities before last November.

Beyond Tiger, I found it interesting that 83% disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as President. I know golf is a rich white guy (read: Republican) sport, but you'd be hard pressed to find another group of people who'll dish out an approval rating that low for the man.

I don't want to ruin the whole list but it's good stuff.

SI 9th Annual Players Survey

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Banker85 says:
i cant believe Tiger is on the Underrated players list at 10%. that just shows these guys know he is even better than he shows. SCARY!
Banker85 says:
oh ya... i really like sergio. just wish he would get his second wind soon.
Bryan K says: many pairs of jeans do I own? Why wasn't "0" one of the choices?
Ben Crane says:
I do play a slow round of golf. No doubt about it
wrhall02 says:
How about having Faxon's putting stroke AND Quiros' length???

I think all pros are slow players...and always seems the wannabes that copy them are in the foursome in front of my group. How many times do you need to look at that two foot putt?

Have always wondered why Sergio is dis-liked by so many players? I must have missed the story...can anyone share the scoop?
falcon50driver says:
So the rich white guys disapprove of Obama's performance, what about the Oob group?
bducharm says:
Totally disapprove of Obama's performance!!! Yes, I am a white guy but I definitely am not rich!!!
jhs545 says:
So did Sergio vote for himself as "most underrated?"
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