Welcome To The Rory & Ryo Show
By Kickntrue on 5/3/10
You know who misses the cut, yet nobody cares, because we're ushering in a new era folks. Let the Rory & Ryo Show begin! In case you turned off golf for the weekend- here's what you missed. First 18 year old Ryo Ishikawa of Japan sets a Major Tour course record by shooting a 58 in the final round of The Crowns (on the Japanese Tour) to storm from behind to win. It could've been better but it 15 foot birdie putt on 18 slipped by the hole and he had to settle for a tap in par. Meanwhile- Rory McIlroy, the 20 year old Irishman... err... boy, shot a -10 62 to come from behind and win on the PGA at Quail Hallow. He beat the 2nd best field of 2010 in route to his victory including blowing right by Master's winner Phil Mickelson on the back 9.

Wowzers! Not many people saw Ryo's performance- but a 58 is, well, a 58. SICK! I know many more of us saw Rory and I don't know how any of us couldn't think he has a real chance of winning a major this year. He's been a little under the radar as he's been battling a few injuries, but I think it's fair to guess he's getting close to 100%. Seems crazy to say this... but Rickie Fowler (6th place) better step his game up if he wants to keep the USA on pace with the rest of the world's young guns.

Exciting stuff and great for golf! It will be interesting to see what the ratings were like for Quail Hallow. For better or worse, when he who won't be named doesn't play (or misses the cut) people tune out. This weekend, I can confidently say they missed out.

Ishikawa Shoots 58
Rory Wins
PGA Confidential - Golf.com

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Backquak says:
awesome, so I'm trying to find out if Phil moved into the #1 spot with his 2nd place finish and the other guy missing the cut. Did Phil take over or was that only if he won?
TheBrownCrayon says:
I think Phil had to win this week and next or something like that.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Both of those two have played awfully well over the last year-and-a-half. Even if it takes another couple of years, which of those two will win a major first?
lcgolfer64 says:
Really great to see Rory pick one up, and he did it in great fashion with a birdie on 18! Nice kid too, by my first impressions at PGA Championships last year.
Swingem says:
Anyone who tunes out when TW tanks might need to get used to doing more yard work on weekends. Awesome finish on 18 by McIlroy. Looking at the leaders going into Sunday, I figured that Phil would be there, but had a feeling about Cabrera or McIlroy. Ryo's 58 is really cool. I shot a 58 once, on a Jack Nicklaus computer golf game, can't imagine how perfect everything has to go to do it for real.
lazorbeam says:
Did any one catch Rory's snide comment to Lee Westwood, he said it in the interview with David Feherty. Feherty asked who he talked to after the round. Rory said that he talked to Lee Westwood and commented "that's how you finish off a golf tournament". I find that to be amusingly hilarious.
Kickntrue says:
@lazorbeam- It appears he def did say that in a post round interview. It read almost like it was friendly- but still... Rory may have just become my new favorite player.
mjaber says:
Phil can overtake "he who shall not be named" with a win at the Players, if "he who shall not be named" finishes outside the top 5.
garthspaulding says:
Phil is 31.39 pts back from the #1 spot - Phil has picked up 164.95 in 2010 [ the big easy is @ +172! for 2010 ] and "he who shall not be named" has only grabbed 27 pts.
garthspaulding says:
that finish brings Rory to #9. Ryo is #38 and Fowler #51
bducharm says:
I don't see what the big deal about shooting a 58 is all about - we ALL shoot 58, we just happen to shoot that at about hole #14!!! DAMN, that is impressive!!!
mjaber says:
I'm glad "he who shall not be named" seems to be catching on :)
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