Tiger Slam Irons Available
By Kickntrue on 5/3/10
A good enough friend to have been given Tiger Woods' "Tiger Slam" irons from 2000-2001, is now selling them on eBay. What a douchebag.

Let's speculate... Tiger, being exorbitantly rich, decides to make an extremely kind gesture- and offers his Tiger Slam Titleist irons to fellow PGA Tour member Jesper Parnevik for introducing him to his bride, Elin.

Fast forward a couple years to where Jesper Parnevik is the biggest Tiger Hater on the planet (outside maybe Elin) and decides revenge is best served on eBay with a price tag of $250k. Yep- that's the starting bid. The amazing thing is- it doesn't seem that crazy. My guess is these puppies go for over half a mil.

Again- the above is complete speculation. Nowhere on the web or anywhere else does it say what I guessed is true. But someone- close to Tiger at some point is doing this (it appears to be real). My favorite part of the whole thing though- is the last line of the eBay posting, "Please note: Because of box dimensions shipping tends to be more expensive."

Really?! You're going to making at least $250k and you can't throw in free shipping?!

Get your money in order folks. The auction lasts just 10 days!

eBay Listing

UPDATE- The owner of the clubs has been identified- and it's not as fun as being Jesper. They are being sold by Steve Mata, the former director of tour operations for Titleist.

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Bryan K says:
Well...you gotta figure that the seller has to recover his paypal fees somehow, right?
Kurt the Knife says:

I don't see any Eidolon wedges.
Ben Crane says:
How much for just the 9-iron?
scoriano says:
Anyone could stamp the clubs and try to pass them off as authentic.
Panerai111 says:
250k is a crazy amount.
Kurt the Knife says:
I just offered the seller $250.00
Nothing doin'
1/4 large is the minimum.
Kurt the Knife says:
So I tried another tack;
This was my final offer.

"How about a trade.
I have a set of '07 Wilson Power Source irons 4-sw, one of which I was holding wen I heard of Tiger Woods' first win at Augusta.

trade?.. they are pretty good stuff."

lets see them turn that down.
Kurt the Knife says:
refused they did... but maybe there's hope;

"Will talk to the seller. But I doubt it. Getting many good

I will get back to you.


oooo maybe finally an upgrade
sigmapete1 says:
So he wasn't concerned that you didn't hear of Tiger's first win at Augusta until '07?
Kickntrue says:
@sigmapete1- Ya... This was reported on GolfDigest so I figured it must be legit- but if those were real questions from the seller.. you gotta wonder.
coojofresh says:
i don't want those stupid clubs. who cares? Jesper is a d-bag but he is going to make some money. he needs the money because he is old now, and in the golf world is only famous because he knows tiger and elin.
Kurt the Knife says:
I didn't really know anything about TW until '08.
didn't get my clubs 'til '09

those sticks must be better than what i'm swingin' now. At least they look cleaner 'n shinier.
Still holding out for a trade.
Matt Otskey says:
Apparently, Tiger says his "Tiger Slam" clubs are sitting in his garage, and NOT for sale on Ebay.

Kurt the Knife says:
As Elin was standing over him with a bloody 9 iron, the police officer asked, "My God lady, how many times did you hit him?"

Her reply was, "Four. five, six, I don't know. Put me down for a five."
mmontisano says:
Tiger said in an press conference at THE PLAYERS that he still possesses the Tiger Slam winning irons.

do the DB is lying.
Kurt the Knife says:
Interesting dispatch from eBay regarding my email exchanges with the club seller.

"Our records show that you recently contacted or received messages from ****** through eBay's messaging system. This account was recently found to have been accessed by an unauthorized third party, who may have used the account in an attempt to defraud other members."... etc.

I'm tellin ya, I just might get these clubs after all.
bplewis24 says:
The Ebay listing has been removed.

cheymike says:
A guy out of work for 2 yrs offers to sell clubs he claims are Tiger's for 1/4 mil. Gee, I wonder WHY that might be suspect. LOL!
chuckstewart says:
I want the bloody wedge...
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