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Golf Digest US Open Challenge Winner
By Kickntrue on 5/4/10
The Golf Digest US Open Challenge has a contender- and for the first time ever, it's a woman. Alas, our man got eliminated before it got to a vote so we can live with the result, though I think there are issues.
For the first time since our contest began in 2008, voters have chosen a woman to take the Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge at Pebble Beach. Peggy Ference, of Skillman, N.J., will play beautiful, treacherous Pebble from the same back tees as hockey great Wayne Gretzky, NFL quarterback Drew Brees and actor Mark Wahlberg -- and the U.S. Open field the following week. Her attempt to break 100 will be telecast on NBC on Sunday, June 20, prior to the Open's final round. Two previous challengers, John Atkinson and Larry Giebelhausen, shot 114 and 101, respectively.

"I'm so excited. This is a fairy tale!" said Peggy. "Some people said, 'Nobody will let a woman win.' But I felt good. I had random people come up to me and tell me they voted for me. I felt so much love."
Geoff Shackelford probably said it best, "Men, voting online for a reality show contest? Please!" The 2 men up against Peggy Ference never had a chance.

This is a great opportunity for Peggy and it's awesome that she won the contest- (here comes the part where you'll believe that oobgolf is read by 94% males) BUT isn't the whole point of the contest to try to break 100 from the Tips at a US Open course with it setup in US Open condition? The course will be over 7000 yards. I have a hard time believing there is even going to be a chance. Peggy does acknowledge that it's going to be tough, but she does claim to hit the ball very straight. I guess if she can stay out of the rough and just count on an extra stroke or two to get to the hole- she could have a chance... too bad US Open greens eat up about 40 strokes.

I could be wrong though. From Shackelford's blog:
The odds are probably against her, but check her out on under her full name, Margaret Ference. You can see by the course ratings that she's been playing back tee rounds; 79.9 would be a scratch women's rating for the back tees of that particular course (I assume her home course). Under recent scores, I noticed she posted an 87 over the weekend from the back tees. She probably has no worse a chance than the amateur men selected in '08 and '09, especially since Pebble Beach is significantly shorter than Torrey Pines and Bethpage Black.
I hope I am. We need someone to finally pull this off!

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Kurt the Knife says:
its a "women"?

them needs to edit more carefully.
Kickntrue says:
tough crowd... it's fixed. no "first?"
lcgolfer64 says:
Kickntrue just pegged ya Kurt...
Kurt the Knife says:
bducharm says:
She has NO chance - it's too bad they chose someone who really doesn't have a chance. They should have chose Matt (oober)!!!
falcon50driver says:
georgelohr says:
I think the point of the contest is to choose some schuck that "remotely" has a chance to break 100. If it is just to break 100 on an Open set up...then pick someone with a 3-5 handicap. It's just a gimmick, but an entertaining one for most. They are most likely narrowed down to people that would make for a good back story or appear to be extremely average.
Banker85 says:
im sure she will have a problem reaching the fairway on a lot of holes but good luck i guess. your gonna need it Peg.

haha lcgolfer64 "pegged ya" da dum dum ching!
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