Let's Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
By Kickntrue on 5/5/10
It's kind of messed up that people expect us to work on Cinco de Mayo. There are over 30,000,000 people of Mexican decent living in the USA (50M hispanic/latino with 64% being Mexican). One in ten people celebrating a heritage holiday should be enough to constitute a day off for the whole country! At the very least- we should be given a half day. 5pm is still HOURS awhile and by then Happy Hour is half over. I'm just saying...

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day Mexico won an improbably victory against French armies in 1862 (it's NOT Mexican Independence Day). Ironically, it's not that big a deal in Mexico, but has become more of an American holiday.

In honor of May 5th, I thought it'd be good to take a look at athletes with Mexican heritage, specifically in golf. The two most obvious are freshly retired Lorena Ochoa and all-time great Lee Trevino- the "Merry Mex." Both are heroes to some Mexicans and can be celebrated for their culture and their successes on the golf course. Ochoa has won over $14M which she has used to start charities in her homeland. Trevino is an American but is iconic to Mexican Americans. If you're younger like me, it's easy to forget that he won 6 majors (plus 4 additional Champions Tour majors).

Mi amigos- I implore you... work fast, work hard. Get done early- and head down to your local Mexican grill for some festive fare, and of course a Dos Equis. I can't believe we even need a reason to celebrate a French ass-kicking!

Become Cultured - Learn about Cinco De Mayo
Lorena Ochoa
Lee Trevino
Other Mexican-American Athletes

All of the Dos Equis "Interesting Man" commercials mashed together!

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Kurt the Knife says:
that cat looks just like my uncle carl.
Who also found out what he didn't do well....

and didn't do that.
Kurt the Knife says:
bducharm says:
My wife and I will will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo next week on a beach in Cancun!!! And yes, I will be playing golf!!!
falcon50driver says:
And all these years I believed it was a rememberance of the slald dressing shortage when the French sank a huge shipment of mayonnaise bound for Mexico. Sinko de Mayo.
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- well played sir. terrible pun, but i laughed.
enviroman22 says:
I celebrated by practicing all afternoon chipping into a bucket and putting on a practice green in 75 and sunny degrees!
georgelohr says:
My friend at work, Jose, a recently sworn in citizen of the United States...tells me it is about 1,000:1 more common for Americans to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than Mexicans. Although he also says any excuse to drink is a pretty good idea...must be why he got his citizenship.
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