Cliffs can be treacherous... and beautiful.
Another Reason To Keep It In The Fairway
By Kickntrue on 5/5/10
A 66 year old golfer from New Zealand discovered there are better reasons to keep your golf ball in the fairway than just better scores and stats.
A New Zealander gave new meaning to the golfing term 'hazard' when he fell from a cliff while searching for his ball at a course near Auckland.
The 66-year-old man sustained serious injuries but was in a stable condition in Auckland City Hospital after falling more than 100 feet (30 meters) onto seaside boulders, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported Wednesday.

The man had been playing alone and the accident was not discovered until staff discovered his abandoned golf cart, then saw an arm protruding from bushes among the rocks at the cliff's base Tuesday afternoon.
Also a good reason not to golf alone. I can't believe the dude lived!

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Nethmonkey says:
how long have you been waiting for a reason to use that image... (first or something)
Kickntrue says:
@netmonkey- when you're as dedicated as i am to my journalism you don't look for reasons to use an image (you find an image and make a story fit it).
falcon50driver says:
I stayed at Abaco Beach Resort this weekend and got to watch the Hooter's Calendar photo shoot....AWESOME
lcgolfer64 says:
I'm with Kickn on this, totally related. I see a... well ah... I think I see a cliff there
carv712 says:
Relevant and informative, this image evokes a deep feeling of empathy within me for the bikini clad woman who fell off that cliff... that is what this story is about right? I barely read it.
coojofresh says:
lovely cliff. i shall try and read the article now.
Agustin says:
If I saw that out on the course I would most definitively hook my ball to the left and spend the next hr looking for it ;)
jbird2011 says:
That image is like an onion.....brought a tear to my eye.
tennesseeboy says:
This photo could also be used for an article on wedges.
jvaughn says:
just another hole....thats all
bonederr says:
I wonder what the view is from the other side of the hole?
Banker85 says:
all for a 5$ at most golf ball... what an idiot.

by far the best pic ever posted on this site. it want to touch the heiny!
bobauten says:
Great scenery.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Cliff-side golf... I wonder if *that's* where we're supposed to use the *gap wedge*?
ipv6freely says:
I keep clicking on the image hoping for it to enlarge. The picture I mean.
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