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Tim Clarke Breaks Through
By Kickntrue on 5/10/10
Tim Clarke finally broke through this weekend for his first PGA Tour victory- doing it in style at The Players. I was traveling all weekend for a wedding and didn't see a single shot so you guys will have to let me know the interesting points. I understand there was some Tiger drama as well as Mickelson hitting fairway after fairway with nothing to show for it on Sunday. It also appears that Lee Westwood choked... again. Everyone talks about how lovely his game is, but is this going to become his legacy?

I'm not sure I'd call myself a "Tim Clarke Fan" but I'm happy for him winning. He's one of those guys you see competing week after week on Tour and he always plays well, but falls short. A journeyman no more... at least that's the hope. Some guys never really break through, even after tasting victory. Others use the win as a springboard to a solid career. I don't think Clarke is going to turn into a big time star, but I have to believe we'll see him in the winner's circle again. He just plays too well week in and week out not to.

Oh- I did see in the linked article that Clarke used the Srixon Z-Star ball. How many wins is that now this year for that ball?! Maybe it's time to ditch the ProV1's!

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mjaber says:
I caught a little of the post-tourney stuff on the Golf Channel and they were talking about Clark possibly winning an Open (US or British). I can't help but wonder if he's long enough to win a US Open. He's a really good player, but can you win a US Open with driving distances 20 yards shorter than the average PGA Tour player?
ElGalloGigante says:
I don't know about him winning either Open, but his streak of four birdies in a row was something to behold. The guy played great.

Shame to watch Westwood fall apart like that. The man just couldn't hit the fairway.

As for Srixon's Z-Star, the runner-up (Allenby) used them too.
furrier says:
I think you ABSOLUTELY can win a US Open while driving shorter, as there's a premium there for accuracy. (I'm not making any prediction about how Clarke will perform, however.)
furrier says:
Oops, I should say I have no prediction about how Tim Clark will do, nor Darren Clarke. (Mea culpa on the misspelling.)
mmontisano says:
if Tim Clark can contend at The Masters, a place that almost demands long distance off the tee, he has a potential chance to win the US Open. especially with Pebble being more of a linksy course and not demanding the players hitting it into the stratosphere to get over bunkers to hold the green (like at Bethpage).

and just give Westwood some time. he knows how to win, he's done it 31 times already. everyone is hammering him for the same reasons they were hammering Tim Clark last year (and even earlier this year!). Westwood WILL win. and he'll win big.
Swingem says:
Loved seeing Tim Clark win, he's a strong player and a class act. I think he can contend at PB where accuracy will be more important than length. As for Westwood, I'd like to see him win a big one, he's right there too often not to. In my opinion, this is shaping up to be one of the best seasons on the PGA Tour in a long time.
Virtuaframax says:
Swingem, I comepletely agree with you: this is so far a great PGA season, with a lot of new faces winning and a lot of old timers contending. Clark kept his nerves in control and won with full merit (his putting was great).
I really like the way Westowood plays, but unfortunately he didn't bring his A game (especially from the tee) on sunday. I am sure he will win sooner or later.
greendevil says:
Yeah EGG, both the winner and runner-up used the Z-Stars. I find it funny that they didn't need the yellow Z-Stars to win. They both played excellent and would have probably won with any tour ball. No yellow Z-Stars though; I'm disappointed.
Trip says:
I agree it has been a great season thus far... I think with Tiger gone (especially his mystique gone), the players are keyed up a little, knowing they are not playing for second place anymore. I'm looking forward to the next few majors...
Banker85 says:
good for that little English f'er...
Banker85 says:
ya right Trip: The tour sucks w/o Tiger in contention. when the best isn't his best everyone else is just second best because we know Tiger could whoop them. so if that makes sense then hey, but still Tiger is the best and will start stomping niggs soon!
Swingem says:
C'mon Banker, "stomping" what?! TWs lost in the woods (no pun intended) and the only one he's whoopin is himself. By the way, Tim Clark is from South Africa.
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