Lying Irish Of Notre Dame
By Kickntrue on 5/10/10
As much as I rag on Ohio- if I heard there was a earthquake in Columbus I'd feel awful. South Bend, Indiana, on the other hand... That's terrible of me, I know. I hope my soul isn't really that dark- and that I'd be mortified. Still... this tickles me:
For a little while at least, Notre Dame’s Annie Brophy looked like a hero. The front-nine 30 that spectators saw on the scoreboard at the demanding Otter Creek Golf Course Sunday was downright otherworldly. Brophy was single-handedly keeping the Irish alive at the NCAA Central Regional.


When members of the NCAA rules committee heard about Brophy’s five birdies and an eagle (she threw in a bogey for good measure), they went out to the 11th hole to see for themselves. Notre Dame assistant coach Kyle Lynne Veltri told them that front-nine score couldn’t possibly be accurate.

“(Veltri) said ‘Her score probably isn’t even going to count,’ ” said Nancy Cross, chair of the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Committee.

Turns out Brophy had reported inaccurate numbers to Golfstat volunteers. On the back nine, Brophy decided to go in the opposite direction, telling Golfstat she’d gone quadruple-bogey/triple-bogey/bogey on Nos. 10-12 to move to 2 under for the day.
Brophy claims she was joking to the Golfstat people and would've corrected things at the end when signing her scorecard.

I guess I can see a college kid being this dumb, but it seems crazy to think she wouldn't have known there were some extending ramifications for her actions. How did her playing competitors not say anything?

Moral of the story- don't send your kid to Notre Dame.

(You may want to click on links... she's a cheater, but a cute one.)

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mjaber says:
Yup... she is cute.
SingleDigits says:
That incident should earn her a spot on the next Golf Channel Big Break series!
tennesseeboy says:
I don't think you can call her a cheater if she didn't sign an incorrect score card. Unsportsmanlike like.. maybe, but not a cheater.
JDoughMO says:
Maybe some of you college golfers can help me out here, but isn't Golfstat an unofficial scoring system that is run by volunteers? I've heard of coaches telling their players to NEVER give their scores to Golfstat because it wasn't mandatory and the only score that mattered was the one that you sign and turn in at the end of the round.

Definitely unsportsmanlike though...
Kickntrue says:
@JDoughMO- that is juicy. I'd love the answer to that.
bplewis24 says:
JDoughMO, I would think not giving your scores is one thing, but giving false scores is another. It's misleading vs withholding, and I would say that misleading--especially in golf where it can impact your competitors (even if it shouldn't)-- should be frowned upon.
cjgiant says:
I agree with bplewis24, you could game the system if players are watching and relying on this information. If your team isn't going to make the next round (or whatever) unless you birdie the last hole (when in fact par will get you in), you may play more aggressively than called for.

So, definitely unsportsmanlike, especially if the scoring system is more official than discussed.
Banker85 says:
maybe cute from the back of the head! ohhhhhhhh snap! She must be an easy lay since she is a liar; hey liar=skank. no offense notre dame or chick i am referencing too. but hey.....
chief_broom says:
Sounds like the ND staff knows right from wrong. How can you blame the school?
goatbarn says:
I think people need to loosen up a bit, they lost by 30 strokes. No one was being played, no other team's perspective were effected by ND possibly only losing by 22 stroke instead of 30. C'mon people.
birdieXris says:
It's a cryin shame because she's pretty hot. Very unfortunate that she didn't think things through before telling the false scores to the volunteers. It's no harm no foul because she's apparently going to turn in the proper scorecard, but at the same time there's other players looking at that information and changing the way they're playing because of it. That really SHOULDN'T happen i guess, but seriously when you know you need to make birdie instead of par, it HAS to change your gameplan ya know? I think in that case it's wrong because it's almost like cheating, it's gaming the opposition. She most likely didn't think that far ahead. Possibly didn't think at all. An unfortunate blemish on a gentleman's and Ladies game. She apologized though and that shows character. Learned a little something and I'm sure it'll never happen again. I agree with the DQ for it though.
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