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Alexis Thompson (Finally) Turning Pro
By Kickntrue on 5/13/10
15 year old Alexis Thompson will be making her pro debut in June after participating in the Curtis Cup.
Thompson, who was recently named Golfweek’s 2009 women’s amateur player of the year, will be seven months younger than Michelle Wie was when she turned professional in 2005.


She has two older brothers, both of them excellent golfers. The elder, Nicholas, who plays on the PGA Tour, said the difference between his game and his sister’s was that he started taking it seriously at 12 or 13 while it has been her overriding passion since she was 5.

Asked what advice she had for Thompson, Wie, who is competing this week at the Bell Micro LPGA Classic, said: “You know, I don’t really know her personally that well. I’ve seen her play and she plays great. So,you know, if she’s happy with the decision that she made, then I’m happy as well, too. I only wish her the best.”
She was actually encouraged by Lorena Ochoa to wait, but Thompson said she was bored with school (she's a freshman in high school) and was ready for another challenge. Find me a freshman in high school and I'll show you a kid who's bored of school.

I'm actually fine with this, but I think she should play a pretty limited schedule for a couple years. I think by the LPGA's rules, she'll actually have to play a limited schedule using a couple sponsor's exemptions and qualifying for events the old fashioned way (by playing your way in) since you cannot join the LPGA Tour until you're 18. Thompson has been playing at a high level for a few years now- obviously able to compete with the other players on Tour. The only difference is now she'll be able to collect her check.

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Umm... can someone please go take a picture of Thompson at a tourney and upload it to Flickr as Creative Commons or Public Domain. There are no free pictures of her on the entire internet... so you get this.

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Kickntrue says:
@jkalal1961- thanks for the link. i probably should clarify. There are plenty of pictures of Alexis on the internet (that are free to view) - just not that we have the rights to use on oobgolf.
tennesseeboy says:
I hate cats.
lazorbeam says:
Christmas cats are even more scary.
mmontisano says:
for the LPGA, if you're under 18, you're limited to only 6 sponsor's exemptions a year, i believe. i remember all of this from when Michelle Wie turned pro.
PingRob says:
Unfortunately I have a skewed view. She should not be allowed to play on the LPGA full time until she is 18 in my view. But I also think if your old enough to go to war for your country (18) your old enough to drink.
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