Jerry Rice Blows Up Nationwide Round
By Kickntrue on 5/14/10
Jerry Rice played in his 2nd Nationwide Tour event yesterday, shooting a blazing ... 92!! Uggh... maybe I could be on the Nationwide Tour.
Hall-of-Fame receiver Jerry Rice set another record Thursday, although this wasn’t one he’d hoped for at the BMW Charity Pro-Am.

Rice shot a 92, the highest score ever since this Nationwide Tour event began in South Carolina’s Upstate in 1992.

Rice talked before the tournament of buying Cristal for everyone if he’d reached his goal and made the cut. He saw those hopes doused early when he couldn’t avoid the water at The Carolina Country Club.

He put three shots into the water on the par-4 second hole for a 10. Things never improved from there. His 20-over finish was two shots worse than the 90 put up by Shawn McCaughley in 2006 at The Cliffs Valley Course.
Jerry has put himself in a tough position. He's an amazing athlete with a history of being the best his sport has ever seen. He's a very good golfer, but from the beginning it was hard to believe he wasn't being afforded special opportunities because of who he is. I realize the Nationwide Tour needs to get fans in the gate- and if I'm running an event, I'd think hard about inviting Jerry Rice with a sponsor's exemption, but it's becoming clearer and clearer it's more publicity than substance. Someone else trying to make a career out of golf (who is a better golfer than Rice) is getting left out.

I'm still rooting for Rice. If he can pull this off- it gives all amateur golfers hope- that when they hit the lottery they can drop everything and become a pro golfer. Unfortunately (or not, depending how you look at it), what we're learning is that a scratch golfer is not ready to play professional golf- and when push comes to shove, and when the courses get ready to handle the big boys- it's a whole other league. These guys are good.

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mmontisano says:
how anyone expected something different is beyond me. next subject please.
TeT says:
Hey if your were able to create or were given the opportunity... you'd go throw up a 90+ in a pro event too...
mmontisano says:
play in a pro event? i'm going to go out on a limb and say my game doesn't stack up compared to theirs. and i'm not going to take the spot away from someone who deserves to be there. through the handicap system, your average pro would have to give me 20 stokes. 20 strokes! that's ridiculous.

now, i would kill for the opportunity to play the same course the pros play! that's a MUCH better way to compare my game to a pro's without having them wipe the floor with me. or more likely having my face being used as bunker rake.
mmontisano says:
same goes for Tony Romo. he needs to stop wasting people's time for his own personal shiggles.
Oak says:
Being a scratch golfer at your home course with your friends is much different from being a scratch golfer in tournament play. Crap, JR couldn't even beat Lawrence Taylor on Trumps World of Golf a few weeks ago and neither exactly lit up the course. It's like Kimbo Slice thinking just because he was the toughest guy at a backyard barbeque that he could step in the cage with professionals and not get embarrassed.

No issues with Tony Romo as he's merely trying to qualify for the US Open. He's actually attempting to earn a spot the way anyone else can. Smoltz just tried and failed, but Romo made it through the first round. He said he would not go through the 2nd qualifyier if it interfered with mandatory workouts but his focus on football as a priority has been questioned before.
Kickntrue says:
@badcaddy- i agree except for one thing. your number is still way off. people assume they can take their handicap and subtract to a little better than scratch- but you have to remember they are playing RIDICULOUS setups where the rating/slope would actually mean if you're a 15- even a nationwide guy would have to give you about 25-30 strokes to be fair.
bplewis24 says:
Very good article; well stated.

I'm curious though, what is Rice's handicap? I find it hard to believe he's a scratch golfer, which implies a handicap of 1 or less, right? If that's the case, if he's playing on a very tough course from the championship tees we're talking around a 140 slope, right? That still means a legit scratch golfer is getting no more than a couple strokes, according to what I've been reading about course handicaps.

Somebody help me out here...what is Rice's established handicap?

erickbelus says:
Golf digest had him at a 1.1
tennesseeboy says:
@bplewise24 - According to golf magazine's list of best athlete golfers, Rice has a plus 0.7 handicap. If correct, he is a scratch golfer.
Oak says:
Last time I read JR's handicap was supposedly a .5 according to GHIN. He was below a 2 a couple years ago and belonged to Sharon Heights GCC. His work ethic is legendary though so I can assume how hard he's worked at it.
birdieXris says:
no way in helll is Jerry rice a 2 handicap. don't even get me started on him being better than a 5. I think even that is low. he's famous, he brings people in, even if it's just to see him blow up. that's the bottom line. 1.1 cp indeed. pthhhp.
srogers13 says:
I want to know if they guy with no arms who plays to an 8 beat him?
nickp says: it keeps piling on (he got DQ'd today because his caddie used a rangefinder). Poor guy, but hey at least he tried.
Swingem says:
C'mon, I like the guy and all, but he's only a "pretty good" golfer, not a pro.
sepfeiff says:
LOL a laser rangefinder! If he won anything it would be the dumbass award.
tcjonny says:
I agree with absolutely everything posted here, but I will give Jerry a little bit of credit with his 2nd round 76 back last month. He obviously just had a TERRIBLE day, it can happen to even the best of them. Zach Johnson 6 putted on Thursday. However, yes, most tour set ups are VERY difficult and play to hard ratings, but not inhuman ratings. The Tour set up at Torrey Pines South I think was rated to around a 78.5, which is hard even for most of the tour players. The average venue is generally set up to about a 76 or 77. Then on the Nationwide its anywhere from a 74 to 76. So, basically, you've got to be talking about being at about a -4 index to even pull into the parking lot.
tminer7 says:
I think it's messed up that a spot is wasted and taken from someone who deserves it and relies on it to take care of their family...
helfon says:
A rangefinder? Really? That seems unthinkable that someone playing in a pro event doesn't know you can't use a rangefinder.
sigmapete1 says:
I could be wrong on this but the way I heard it is that JR is part sponsor of the tournament or its his tournament or something. Not sure if he took a regular spot or just added a spot for himself. If he is the one paying the bills, it would seem to me he can do whatever he wants.
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