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An Adam Scott Weekend
By Kickntrue on 5/17/10
My weekend was chock full of Adam Scott- and it's about time! The golf Adam Scott won for the first time in 2 years, winning the Valero Texas Open in odd fashion. Odd in the sense that a 36 hole Sunday meant that Scott finished hours ahead of the final groups and had to wait out a victory while many players will still on the course. Many complained that the Greg Norman designed that just opened and was played on the PGA Tour for the first time ever was too hard. I realize the rain probably softened things up nicely making it a little easier, but I think -14 by the winner is pretty reasonable.

Scott has now won 8 times on the PGA Tour with 3 of those victories coming in the state of Texas. For now I'll go with coincidence, but in 2 weeks I guess we can find out when he plays Colonial. I hope he starts winning again. These pages could use a little more female audience- and nothing draws the females like an Aussie surfer hunk with a perfect golf swing!

Of course- one Adam Scott an Adam Scott weekend doth not make. I watched 10 episodes or so of Party Down and as anyone who watches the show may know, the protagonist's name in real life is Adam Scott, and frankly, after seeing them side by side, I'm not sure they're not the same guy... or at least share the same father.

Now to answer the question you're not asking... What about the "other, other" Adam Scott? You (don't) know, the London based fashion photographer. Well- he wasn't part of my weekend and I'd never heard of him until this morning when I Googled the name Adam Scott- but boy am I glad I did. It turns out he may be the best Adam Scott of all- or at least the most likely to provide pictures of hot models!

Adam Scott Wins!
Adam Scott - IMDB
Adam Scott - Photographer

photo source

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Virtuaframax says:
It's about time. He's probably my favourite golfer since i picked up the game a couple of years ago. His swing is absolutely perfect... And finally it looks like he has gained the confidence with the putter back!
Matt F says:
Congrats to Adam. With the exception of the bogey on 18, what I saw of the last round was like looking at the Adam from a couple of years ago.

ElGalloGigante says:
I was out at the Texas Open on Sunday and became an Adam Scott fan while following him. Scott's swing was picture perfect, but was also very engaging with us fans.
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