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NFL/Golf Roundup
By Kickntrue on 5/18/10
Since this Tony Romo story isn't about him choking away another big game it must still be the NFL offseason, but how do you know anymore? Geez. NFL all the time... just ask ESPN. The "big news" is that Tony Romo had a qualification tee time set for the The Byron Nelson Championship, but chose to skip the tee time for Dallas Cowboys OTA's. If it had rained and his tee time was delayed by 3 hours he would've been able to make it. Adding fuel to this story is Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips saying it would have been fine with him if Romo had chosen to do the golf instead. Yah... that would've been the best message for the QB1 to send to his teammates about attending mandatory off season workouts. Phillips should be fired for even saying that... and for failing as a football coach.

Oh well- there is still golf in Romo's future. He will play this Thursday in local US Open qualifying. He's tried in the past and come up short (sounds like his M.O.), but honestly I'm not a hater. I love that he's trying, and doing it the honest way... by earning it...

Which leads me to story number 2. It looks like Jerry Rice has finally given up on his dream. After two Nationwide Tour events where in the first he missed the cut and in the second shot a first round 92 and then was DQ'd in round 2 for using a rangefinder Rice has decided maybe he doesn't have what it takes to play at that level. SHOCKER, I know! While I understand the complete and utter embarrassment he must be feeling for making a fool of himself I'm a little disappointed that he's quitting so soon. Four weeks ago we were reading quotes about how committed he was to this dream and how hard he was going to work, as hard as he did on the football field- to become a successful golfer. Now he's done, after two events? Dude- go enter local events. Play the Tarheel or Hooter's Tour. If you're serious- go do it! Just do it the right way.

Last- Big Ben Roethlisberger (maybe the best natural golfer of the 3 mentioned here) teed it up in a charity tournament with some Steeler's teammates yesterday. This isn't so much news as it is interesting to see Big Big making a public appearance for the first time since MilliVegas. Roethlisberger is that kid in high school you hated- because he was so natural at everything he did. He doesn't LOOK like a golfer- but man can he play. It's really not fair. He's clearly an idiot too... so easy to despise... but he is the QB for my Steelers. My poor tortured soul.


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cheymike says:
Yeah, Ben is a natural on the course alright. Easy to despise is an understatement though. And watch out... .the 9ers are lookin' at him pretty hard.
Banker85 says:
ya i was that guy in HS like ben... not really. i am decent at almost everything.
mjaber says:
Is that Romo's swing coach, or his "swinger" coach?
Kickntrue says:
+1 @majaber
mjaber says:
Should I have added a "Bazinga" to that?
Matt F says:
cheymike - say it ain't so...
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